<Critically Dumb> 1/10M 10/10 H SOD - T/W (7-10 CST) -

[H] - Critically Dumb - Zul’jin - 2 Day Heroic / Casual Mythic Raiding Guild is now recruiting skilled players.

US - Zul’jin/Horde

About us:
We Are Critically Dumb a raiding guild that was formed during Legion. Our goal is to push beyond AotC and into Mythic content. Guild leadership consists of several WoW veterans.

About our community:
We all share a get sh*t done attitude while still having a good time. This a game/hobby and we expect to have fun while meeting our goals. Guild provides all raid consumables.

What we ask of you:
Be knowledgeable about raid mechanics ahead of time. Early on, light fight explanation/reminders will be provided, but please come with an understanding of the basics.
Have a good attitude and be open to feedback.
Participate in activity outside of raiding. There are lots of opportunities for Mythic + and PvP.
100% attendance during 2 week trial.

Raid schedule (6 hours weekly):
Tuesday: 7-10 CST (8-11 EST)
Wednesday: 7-10 CST (8-11 EST)

Roles needed:
We review all applications regardless of role/spec and try to work with the player to find a spot. Right now, high priority for Elemental and Enhance Shaman.

As mentioned above, we run lots of Mythic + and several guild members run rated PvP (arena and RBG). We also have achievement, mount, and mog runs ad-hoc.

How to apply:
If you are interested in joining us, please reach out directly to Sig on Battle.net at Sig#11142 or on Discord at Sig#9905 He will invite you to the discord. We look forward to chatting with you!

ELE shaman LF for a Raid team
Destro Lock looking for a new home for 9.1
LF Raid Team
[A] Shadow Priest/ Frost Mage LF guild in 9.1
[H] 218 Ele Sham LF Mythic Raiding Guild
220Hpal and 223 Spriest LF late night raiding guild
3 exp players looking for guild
[A] 7/10M Trio LF Raid
Lowly Warlock Looking for Raiding/M+ Guild
Returning player looking for a shot at mythic
[H] 223 DPS War LF Guild - 8/10M Experience
Veteran LF 9.1 AoTC+ /Mythic Raid on Stormrage (US)
[H] DPS War LF Guild - 8/10M CN Exp
Throw this in the trash with my raiding career, thanks!
Veteran Raider LF AoTC+ Guild for 9.1
Elemental Shaman + Friend LF Guild
Looking for 9.1 home (Monk, Shaman,DH or Druid)
Ele or Bdk LF guild 6/10H
[H] [Any Realm] Resto/Ele Shaman looking for casual Mythic/AOTC guild for 9.1 and beyond
DH&WAR 2 r1 parse dps lf guild for 9.1
[A] Fury Warrior LF Guild on Proudmoore
DH dps or tank /Frost mage LF mythic guild. [US-Stormrage-Alliance]
215 Arcane Mage seeking Work Friendly raiding guild
206 Frost Mage LF AOTC Morning Guild
LF Early EST mythic raiding guild
[H] [US] Warlock Looking for a New Raiding Guild
Resto shaman and Hunter Duo Looking for raiding guild
Returning Mythic Raider for 9.1
[H] 221 Arms/Fury Warrior looking for Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild
220 Havoc DH / Fire Mage LF fun and PogChamp guild
222 Disc LF Raid/M+ Guild
Ele/Resto OS needs a new home!
224 Feral dps LFG 2/8m + AOTC
Spriest LF guild
Returning player looking for guild
[H] Mage LF AOTC guild
[A] 1 rdps, 1 mdps, 1 healer LF AOTC guild for 9.1
218 Resto druid LF guild
[H]Warlock looking for weekday raiding guild for 9.1
Lf mythic guild for 9.1
Mage and Rogue Duo LF raiding guild
Lock/Spriest alt recent resub LFG
[A] 1 rdps, 1 mdps LF AOTC Guild 9.1
1 Tank, 2 Healer's, 2 DPS LF raiding guild
SPriest/Warrior LF AOTC Guild
9 Friends (5/10M Exp) LF Mythic Raiding Guild/Merge (Horde)
SPriest/Warrior LF AOTC Guild
208 Frost Mage LF Raiding Guild
50 Pally looking for guild for future raiding/mythic+
223 Fury Warrior lf mythic guild 9.1
Lf 2 night mythic raiding guild!
Boomy, Mage, Warrior Looking for 9.1 Mythic Guild
Warlock looking for a raiding guild for 9.1
WW Monk 7/10 M LF 2 night guild 9.1
[H] Resto Shaman LF AOTC Guild
New wow raider looking for guild, experience raiding FF 14
[H-Thrall] 227 Ele Shaman LF Mythic guild
Looking for a Guild
LF Mythic team for 3 players
Two Looking for a Guild. [H][Zul'jin]
Looking for AOTC Guild for 9.1
Grp of friends looking for AOTC guild
[H] 204 Fury warrior LFG - recent re-sub
I'm a 221 Warrior and 219 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Raiding Guild
Warlock looking for a M+ focused semi-casual raiding guild
4 Experienced Mythic Raiders LF Horde Guild 9.1
Tired of solo
Zul'jin Horde - Ranged DPS LF Guild
Horde Lock/shaman/priest looking for group
AOTC wannabe! Looking for 9.1 raid group!
AOTC Hunter LF 9.1 Mythic team
220 Boomkin, 225 MM Hunter 8/10M exp LF 9.1 team
Feral Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild
201 Returning Ele Sham CE all of BFA LF Mythic guild
Mage looking for raid team
210 Ele Shaman LF Prog/Semi Hardcore guild
Fury Warrior looking for guild for 9.1
[H] Brew/WW lf Guild
[H - M’G] Balance Druid LF Mythic Raid Guild
Alliance Fury Warrior LFG
Please delete this post
[H] Warlock LF 2 day mythic raiding guild
Looking for guild
WW Monk/DK LF Guild
2 Friend LFG
2 Friends LF AOTC Guild for 9.1 (Warr/Lock or Others)
8/10 ww monk looking for a guild
Fury Warrior LF Guild
Resto Shammy LFG
Please delete this post
Warlock LF Casual Mythic Raiding guild
Two players looking for AOTC focused guild
[A] ilvl 225 - Group of 3 raiders LF Raiding Guild
[H] Ele Shaman/Mage LF Mythic Progression Guild
[H] Arcane Mage LF East Coast Raiding Guild
Experienced raider LF new home
H Warlock 6/10M LF Mythic Prog guild
3 slightly above average players
[ H ] [ THRALL ] SPriest looking for AOTC guild for SoD
AOTC tank LF casual raiding guild
DH/mage Lf 2 night raiding guild
Returning player LF a raiding home
Fury warrior w/15 years exp, LF mythic progression guild on Stormrage US
Veteran LF 9.1 AoTC+ /Mythic Raid on Stormrage (US)
4/10M Warlock or Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Raid day looking for couple dps one heal
[H] 221ilvl Bear LF Guild
Looking to reroll horde
[A] H/SPriest, Warrior LF Guild
Group of 4 LFG
H.Pladin 226 LF CE
LF AOTC Raid Guild
9/10M CN & S1 2300 IO Ele/Rsham LF Mythic raiding guild & M+ Push team
[H] [9/10M] 224 ELE Shaman looking for experienced guild for heroic SoD with some mythic
LF Mythic guild, Boomkin/Resto (CE) Horde
7/10M Hpally LF Guild
Group of ~7 LF Weeknight Guild [H]
[H] Shadow Priest looking for casual AOTC guild
10/10MCN - 5/10H Holy Pally LFG
[H] 229 HPal LF mythic guild
[A] Two Ranged DPS LF PvE guild
{A} 220 holy paladin LF raiding guild
224 Enhancement Shaman LFG
220 Hpal looking for Raiding guild
[A/H] 229 Holy Paladin (10/10N, 5/10H) LF CE Guild
224ilvl Elemental Shaman LFG Weekday Team
Alliance Stormrage - HPal LF Guild
Fury Warrior LF Guild At Least AOTC
228 Enh Shaman looking for a New raiding guild
CE exp Holy Paladin LF Guild
230 Enh shaman looking for new raiding guild
227 Holy pally and 222 DH/druid LF AOTC guild
Arms warrior LFG
235 WW monk LF raiding guild
232 Enhancement Shaman LF Guild
233 Arms/Fury/Prot Warrior looking for a heroic into mythic progression
Long time player looking new home
237 7/10h Hpal looking for mythic raiding guild
224 Frost Mage Considering Faction Switch
[H] Boomy/Frost mage/ Destro lock/ Ele sham LF raiding guild
237 Holy Paladin LF Guild
222 Holy Pally
8/10 Heroic RDPS LFG
Group of friends looking for a guild
SPriest & Warlock Looking for a Guild

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