50 Pally looking for guild for future raiding/mythic+

Hello there! I own a small, semi-casual guild on servers Rexxar/Misha named Wolves of the North. We’re rebuilding our roster to have a 12-15 player raid party that runs Fridays & Saturdays 9pm - 12am EST. 3/10H currently.

We’re all mature players, and have prior commitments in the real life. We’re all here to have fun, and run content together. No unrealistic hard-core goals set. No intense scheduling. Semi-casual AOTC mindset, with priority in having fun.

If you’re interested, my discord is zdunny69#4257, feel free to message me with any questions!


Pyreanor is a smallish semi-hardcore guild on Wyrmrest Accord that is looking to build our community for heroic raiding in Shadowlands. We’re AotC and looking for more for 9.1.

We’re an inclusive guild with players ranging in age from 20-70+, with an LGBTQIA presence, and make reasonable accommodations to players with disabilities. Our core philosophy is that of Bill and Ted–to be excellent to each other.

We have an onboarding process that includes making sure people are pre-geared. We can gear someone in a day so gear literally doesn’t matter to us. If you’re willing to learn to play your class, learn the mechanics, get out of the bad, follow the directions, and tolerate our slightly-inebriated banter, you can play with us.

Our main goal is AotC each tier of Shadowlands without that one guy who yells in voice chat.

Our raid times are Tues Thurs at 6pm Pacific. (7 mountain, 8 central, 9 eastern.) We run about three hours.

Aside from the raiding aspirations, we have a weekly schedule and events almost every night of the week including Torghast night, Mythic+ key night, and a casual BG night. We reserve weekends for world tours, special events, and goofing off on alts.

We hope you will consider joining our crew of misfits in our journey to killing bosses and looting epics and make our core a little bigger.

Please let me know if you are interested via btag or Discord.

Zandrae#1418 / D: Zandrae#1418

Hey Miztiq!

I’d love to chat with you on discord if you want to add me! Letholas#9581!

Edited times and will contact soonish

Good morning level 53 and climbing

Hey there we are looking for a holy pally if you think your up to the task to push mythic content in 9.1 here is the guild spam let me know what you think

Good evening. Still grinding it out lvl 54. Honestly i wouldnt mind going to mythic, but more than likely will be later on in the patch.

Torghast Tour Guides is an alliance guild on Sargeras looking for raiders for 9.1. We do have some people currently leveling who plan on raiding so no worries about level right now. We are as CST guild and will probably start raiding around 7/7:30 EST even though the raid times and days haven’t been decided as we are filling out the raid roster before deciding. Goal is to quickly clear normal and move into heroic raiding hopefully this patch. If you have any questions feel free to add me on btag: TattooedGeek#1578, I’d be happy to answer questions or give more info. Happy adventuring!

Good morning. Also added to bnet

Hi there! I think you’d find a happy home with The Librarians! I’d love to discuss our guild with you. BNet tag: penciltea#1470

Descendants of Lore is recruiting right now. We do raid every other Saturday but we raid every Sunday too. If you are okay with missing a Saturday raid every 2 weeks we are okay with it also. We are looking for long term players looking for a home not just for progression. I will leave my spam below, if you wish to talk more please add me to battlenet:

[A] Descendants of Lore is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh that has been around since Vanilla (15 + Years). We are a small to medium sized, close-knit guild of friendly, mature players, with the majority being over the age of 30 with, jobs, families, and adult responsibilities.

We offer a laid back environment with dedicated players willing to put in the work to succeed but not at the expense of fun or sanity.

We make a push for Heroic each expansion.

We raid Sundays from 4pm-8pm CST. (2-6 pm Pacific) and every other Saturday with plenty of opportunities for Mythic + throughout the week.

We are looking for mature, friendly, active, and dedicated players to join us for Shadowlands and beyond.

If you wish to raid, we expect you to come prepared (food, flasks, enchants, gems, know your class and rotation) and on time, come with a good attitude and know how to wipe with dignity and work towards progress.

We will accept anyone who would be a good fit for our guild, and can currently accommodate almost any class, but are especially looking for talented DPS classes, healers, and a hybrid tank to help fill in for tanking when needed.

If you have made it past the novella, please consider us if you are looking for a fun, mature, and friendly environment with an established, long term guild that doesn’t tolerate drama. Or if you are looking for a raid experience filled with silliness and dad jokes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to consider Descendants of Lore as your new home. Daveta#1154.

Happy Tuesday bump, next one i shall enjoy the fruits of the vault

Hello Myztiq!

Veterans of Far Realms is a horde guild on Stormrage! We are a progressive raiding guild. We started as a reroll guild in April, and now we are looking to flesh out our raid team. The pillar of the guild is our focus on community! We have a strong social foundation, and are very accepting.

We also strive to be AOTC in 9.1 and beyond. We offer a place where you can raid, and have competent leaders and team members that can clear content, and offer a place to improve and learn, without the stress.

We also do M+ runs, time walking dungeons/raids, transmog/mount farming, and just anything that sounds fun and enjoyable.

We also want to emphasize we are new player, and new raider friendly! So if you’ve always wanted to raid but felt behind, or too new, we offer a place to learn and experience things with a group that understands!

If you’re interested please add a recruiter on one of the following:

Discord: Purple_86#9819|ShovelCopter#0286

Bnet: Purple86#1959 |ShovelCopter#1477

Thanks for reading!!

I am still looking around for a guild. Also taking a closer look at those who have contacted me as well. Hoping to find that guild that i will be there for a very long time

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: Our intention is to be an AotC level casual/raiding guild. Currently looking for Healers/RDPS/MDPS to round out and bolster our team.

A little about Chemically Balanced is that we started as a small group of friends who got tired of Guild hopping trying to find the right fit for us. We are an East Coast Guild looking to raid Sat/Sun 9Pm to 12Pm. During the week we hang out, work on Alts (its an addiction) and run M+.

We are pretty layed back and are just looking to have our after work/school hours relaxing and fun with friends and family. That being said a level of situational awareness and proper mechanic tactics is expected from each individual who intends to raid. If your just coming back to the game, we don’t mind answering questions and helping teach players the basics of Shadowlands.

We also welcome package deals if you have friends/family that want to stick with you even if they have no intention of raiding but want a more casual position in the guild.

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to send me a msg on battle.net

Added on bnet. Also level 56 and enjoying dungeons as hpally

lvl 57 almost 58

Hey there,

We have a big social guild with a smaller group of us pushing raiding progression. Let me know if you’re interested.

Raid Schedule: (6 hours/week)

Fri/Sat - 8:00PM to 11:00PM PST (5:00-8:00 PM PST)

With 9.1 almost upon us, MGB is bolstering our progression raiding team and starting the trial period for new recruits. This is an open invite to anyone who is interested in challenging themselves with more difficult Heroic and Mythic raiding content and getting that sweet, sweet loot as soon as possible. We are happy to provide suggestions for improvement to anyone who is willing to learn. In Nya’lotha we were able to clear 3 out of the 12 Mythic bosses with a very late start so I am setting our stretch goal for Sanctum of Domination to be 7 of 10 Mythic bosses killed.

The raid schedule is still somewhat up in the air but is likely to be sometime around Friday/Saturday night from 5-8 Pacific time.

Prerequisites to join:

  1. Be respectful of your fellow raiders
  2. Show up on time and let us know if you are unable to make a raid night
  3. Play your class to the best of your ability

Also note that if you can play your class well enough to meet our minimum requirements you are more than welcome to play an off-meta spec or select an off-meta covenant.

BTag: Deadlift#1353
Discord: Deadlift#4338

Saturdays are pretty much a no. I have other commitments on that day

Now level 60