[H] 221 Arms/Fury Warrior looking for Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild

Hi there,

I’m looking for a aotc+ raiding guild. I had to quit my previous guild due to the schedule and an injury that took about a solid 2 months to recover :no_mouth: .

My current progression on CN is AOTC + 4/10M .
CE is the dream in general but I don’t mind not getting it. I want to keep progressing after Heroic. :muscle:

Availability :
All weekday from 3pm EST to 11pm EST

Past “recent” History :

  • HFC AotC, 5/13M
  • EN AotC
  • ToV AotC
  • NH AotC
  • ToS AotC
  • AtBT Aotc 5/11M
  • Uldir Aotc 4/8M

My okay logs on this Character (I used to be Arms only) : /character/us/bleeding-hollow/ragoonn

Discord : jjfm#4206

Hey homie I added you on disc here is the guild spam I think we would be a great fit for you! We have zero warriors and we need you!

Hello Ragoonn,

Chads on Top was a mid patch formed guild that completed AOTC in CN. We’re looking to complete AOTC in 9.1 as well as push mythic raiding. Raiding on Tues/Wed 830PM EST - 11PM.

We’re a laid back raid environment as long as we’re downing content.

We provide raid supplies as well as repairs.

If you’re interested add me on Bnet or Discord!

Btag: SameClothes#1571

I have to ask, do you enjoy…Crab Ragoonn? HUEHUEHU-

(The previous poster was sacked for their terrible pun. They also suffered injuries due to terrible taste in jokes.)

Here’s the copy and paste! I’ll reach out to you on discord as well. Look forward to hearing from you!

Arm of Hades has existed for 15 years in modern WoW and we have spent most if not all of those years on Vek’Nilash. We’ve survived the ups and downs of a game system that’s worked hard to fragment the community feel which brought us together in the first place.

This would be an amazing home for you if:

  • You enjoy the social aspect of WoW. Our discord server is extremely active in voice and chat channels. We have monthly gatherings IRL and annual reunions, where 15-25 guildies hang out for a week of fun and bonding. Or maybe you don’t want bonding but just want a place to kill some virtual creatures, we’re good for that too.
  • You enjoy a drama-free adult environment. We are an inclusive home where anyone can feel safe. We’re all adults here, we don’t need no highschooler shenanigans.
  • You enjoy playing with competent people; we’ve cleared AotC every tier on a 5hr/week raiding schedule (Before it gets nerfed to oblivion mind you.) We make it a goal to at least hit this challenge, and then from there we usually go for Meta achievements. If you have to sacrifice your life for the meta achievement, it’s worth it. We are currently 5/10M and are #1 on the server.
  • You enjoy a mix of PVE and PVP scheduled events. We will have a EST/CST friendly evening schedule. We also have people on MST, ACT, CEST, and TSA. One of those isn’t a timezone but that’s not important.

For more information, our Discord info is at _www.armofhades.com (you can also fill out an application at that same link, and it will be sent to the officers.)

Feel free to add me on Btag at: Hornreaper#1156 or Discord: Nudist Beach#9978

Hope to hear from you soon!