Returning Mythic Raider for 9.1

As the title states, I’m a returning mythic raider looking for a forever home, looking for something active, with a chill environment like family like… I currently main prot pally (215) with a Elemental shaman alt (209).

Previous Raid experience includes:
All Vanilla content including 10/15 Naxx40.
All BC Content
All Wrath content, including Server first 25 man LK Heroic.
All Cataclysm content, including Heroic Deathwing.
All Mists up to throne of thunder. (Took a small break)
All WoD including Cutting Edge Highmaul, and Hellfire citadel.
All Legion content except for Mythic KJ. Achieved Cutting edge Argus.
All BFA content up to Mythic Jaina. (Took another break).
Currently sitting at 10/10 H Nathria, and 3/10M haven’t really pushed this raid, but looking to be more serious in 9.1.

Horde or alliance is good with me, as faction/server changing is no issue. Please reach out if you need an experienced raid tank, or ranged dps. Look forward to hearing from everyone.

Hello sir, i am recruiting for a horde guild on Us-Malganis, were 3/10 M, and looking for more ranged to fill our progression team. if you wish to speak, please feel free to add me to discord, or battlenet

discord: NotoriousJ#8155
bnet: NotoriousJ#1185

Far Beyond Insanity on Stormrage (Alliance) is interested in Range DPS. We are currently 4/10M with a late start in this raid as the GM have been MIA for 3 years. Back and progressing we are recruiting and preparing for 9.1. We are still actively raiding, recruiting and progressing and will be up until 9.1

You can reach me at Krazy#1922

Hey there!

[A-Sargeras] is currently recruiting for Castle Nathria progression and preparing for 9.1 Sanctum of Domination.
We are currently 6/10M in Castle Nathria and are pushing for CE. We raid at the following times:
Tuesday/Thursday 9:30PM - 11:30PM PST / 11:30PM - 1:30AM CST (Server time)

If you are interested, feel free to reach out and we can bring you to a raid :slight_smile:

Discord: Matthew#5164

Greetings from area 52! I’m from Adversary currently 7/10M. We raid Wednesday and Thursdays 8-11pm eastern looking for more raiders in 9.1 and make a push for CE next tier. If interested for more info: bnet is nightstlkr#1495

Good afternoon. I’m recruiting for GSG on proudmoore. We are currently 6/10M raiding wed/sun 6-930pst. We have been a guild since BC and have a history of deep progression. We like to have fun playing video games while killing bosses. If you would like to chat more please add me on disc RaijinEnd#6451

Thank you for all the replies, will be reaching out. Also, bump. Still keeping options open

Divine Esports - Stormrage - Alliance

About Us
We are a close group of friends that have recently transferred away from Horde-Tichondrius to form a hardcore raiding guild on Alliance. After achieving mediocre guild performance (clearing half the raid tiers) we are looking for a fresh start somewhere new.

The Goal
We are looking to build a team of strong players in the hope to push Mythic content in 9.1 and CE in raiding in 9.2. We have many dedicated players looking to push keys upwards of 18+ and have big goals moving forward as a guild.

5/10 Castle (Horde)
5/12 Nyalotha (Horde)

Raid Schedule
Wednesdays & Friday from 10:30pm to 1:30am EST

We Offer
-Raid Consumables
-23 man roster
-Dedicated individuals looking to push content

What We Expect
-Communication - key during and outside of raid
-Nearly 100% attendance - we understand IRL emergencies
-Fully prepared for raids - Includes all consumables (guild bank provides most) and knowledge of boss fights
-Team player
-Progression mindset, includes the ability to take constructive criticism
-AOTC Minimum but would prefer Mythic exp no later than 2 raid tiers ago

Recruitment Priorities
Tanks: 1 Multi Class tanks
Healers: Hpally / Priest
RDPS: Shadow / Boomy / Warlock / Mage
MDPS: Deathknight / WW / Warrior / DH

Will Consider Any Class/Role

Btag: Tyrue#1545
Discord: Tyrue#1556

Bump, still looking.


Hi Neighbor is a friendly guild recruiting for our Mythic roster. We believe whole heartedly in community and promote a non toxic environment. We are alliance side on US Proudmoore. Id love to chat more on disc, message rumor33#7969

Hi there! Saw you’re still looking so I’ll drop this here and you can decide for yourself. I am a recruiter for Squadron-Mal’Ganis. I just started recruiting again as 9.1 has finally gotten that long awaited release date. Our main raid team raids F/S 8-11 pm EST and finished off at 5/10M before the raid group as a whole decided to take a break. A lot of it came from a few players having IRL family emergencies and were going to be in and out of the hospital as well as dealing with losses. With that said majority of the raid team will be coming back for 9.1 and we are going to be pushing for AOTC then try to progress as far into mythic as possible. The raid team is very relax and chill. We believe in having an environment where we nurture growth, not just in individuals skills but as a group. Other than that, our guild have a few KSM and people who love to push keys. I am also working on recruiting for social as due to the long tier, we’ve lost a lot of social people in the guild. Anyways, if you’re interested add me on discord and we can talk about it a bit more arex#0920

hi Balujor,

I think we might be a perfect fit

Hey there I would love to talk to you we are in a AoTc focused guild that is looking to push more into mythic this tear so we have switched our raid times from weekend mornings to weekday nights with the change we have lost some people and would love an elemental shaman on our roster I will drop spam below hope to hear from you