I'm a 221 Warrior and 219 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Raiding Guild

I’m a 221 DPS warrior that can tank and a 219 Resto/Ele Shaman. I’m looking for primarily an AoTC Raiding guild. Preferably 1 or 2 nights a week starting at 8pm PST or later. I have plenty of raid and M+ experience. Im willing to faction change/Server transfer for the right group. Hoping to find a new home soon.

BNet: Niflhel#1421
Discord: Niflhel#8968

A shameless bump from my shaman

No need for shameless bumps!! We desperately need a dps warrior for our heroic/ mythic raid team or ele shaman we raid Tuesday Wednesday feom 8pm to 11 pm est guild spam below
Add me on Discord at Sig#9905 or bnet Sig#11142

Fearfulways is a progression raiding guild, who has been in Argent Dawn since the release of wow and was established on 11-28-2004. We are interested in exceptional players that would like to raid progressively and and utilize their time online to be better at the game and to pursue competitive raiding at all times.

We have earned over half of dozen realm first, and completed many expansions realm first on the list including Cata and MOP expansion.

Currently we are 9/10M and have Denathrius down to 25% on phase 3 hoping to get CE/Realm First before next patch.

We are recruiting for 9.1 and beyond and would like to know if you the schedule below works for you and if you would be interested let me know thanks.

Battle Tag- Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Raiding Schedule: (All times are Eastern)
Tuesday - 7-11:00PM
Wednesday - 7-11:00PM
Thursday - 7-11:00PM

We would be interested in your Ele/Resto Shaman.

Take a look at Crisp. We’re a reformed alliance guild raiding 2 days a week looking for CE. We have a lot of former members that transferred over with US TOP100 raid experience. Take a look and apply if interested.

Hey dude. we are looking for dps for our heroic AOTC group for 9.1. We raid twice a week tues, thurs at 9pm - 11pm. we are also very understanding about issues that will lead to missed raid nights. If you think you can be a fit please give me a msg. Thansk for your time.

can check our full guild details here: Bleeding Hallow. Raid Spots for 9.1. All Welcome. Read Details - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

hey! saw your post we’re pretty close to your raid times we raid tues/thurs 7:30-10:30pm pst. our guild is called safehouse and we’re horde on area 52. Got AOTC last tier and dabbled in some mythic, planning on doing the same this tier. HMU if you might be interested bnet:stcjosh45#1309