Feral Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild

Currently a 221ilvl Feral Druid with a Guardian OS. To be transparent, my goal is to find a good fit in a Hall of Fame Alliance guild and I’m more than willing to work my way up if necessary. Just taking the steps to reach that goal.

I have a lot of free time and I’m typically always available, so I can trial/interview whenever

I absolutely love Ferals if you ever decide to come to the dark side (Horde) we are looking to push into mythic this teir and I’d take you in a heart beat check us out

Hello from Nerve-EmeraldDream We are a 10/10M guild that got alliance first CE on our server and finished in 4th place overall on Emerald Dream. We are looking to expand and push for even further ranking in the world in the coming tiers and would love to speak to you further about trialing with us if our times work for you! We currently raid 2 nights on Tuesday/Thursday from 8pm - 12pm EST if those times look good for you please reach out to me via discord