LF Mythic guild, Boomkin/Resto (CE) Horde

LF mythic guild, CE NYA Sookîe-US-Area-52 (Holy Priest) with 4/8 CN mythic before I took a break.
9.1 Looking to play balance/resto for new raid tier. Recently server transferred to Area-52, old name was Marî-Aggramar.

Looking to also include Phoretic-US Area-52 Holy Paladin
PST for logs --> grumpykitten#18572 BNET/ GrumpyKitten#0844 discord

Raid times 7/8 EST - 10/11 EST. Any day of the week

Hello from Nerve-EmeraldDream 10/10 Mythic in 9.0 and currently 6/10H 8/10N 9.1! We are a a Cutting Edge guild with a 2 night and 3 night Raid team as well as optional nights on the Weekends!

Our 2 night Team is currently looking for a boomkin / Warlock to fill our last two core spots for our mythic team going into next week ! Would love to talk to you further if you have interest in raiding with us on Tuesday/Thursday from 8pm EST - 12pm EST! Contact me via discord or Bnet info below!

Discord : Atlien#1442
Bnet : JCZ#1194

Hey there we could use a second boomkin and a holy pally I’m definitely interested in talking to you both about our Heroic/ Mythic raid team 8pm to 11pm est Tuesday’s and Wednesday night guild spam below message me on discord at Sig#9905

Hey Sookie we would be interested in chatting with you. contact us. [H] [US] [Area 52] - <Fearfulways> [10/10 M SoD]