H.Pladin 226 LF CE

Im a CE exp Healer currently playing Holy paladin I’m 226 ilvl, 44 renown 233 legendary, looking for a guild that is pushing seriously CE content doesn’t need to be a CE or hardcore , but willing to push content . Pref times 7est to 11est almost any day.can play little late if is necessary I’m really flex on playing new classes for new patch. I’m currently Kyran willing to go full Ventyr for mythic prog .

Prev exp Mythic , Holy priest , Disc , Druid rest . Still have logs from last exp didn’t play enough 9.0.5 ! I started playing again 2 months ago

Add me on discord, would like to chat! Wolfcola#1559

Added you on discord

Hey there, Sauce on Mal’ganis can use another healer. Hit me up on Bnet: Uza#1286

Heyyyy Mystery Paladin,

Think of how refreshing a fresh start on Mal’Ganis would be!

I’m looking to pick up a Holy Paladin.

Reunited is a two day Mythic raiding guild formed by a group of CE raiders who couldn’t bear the thought of not raiding together anymore when their guild (Reignited) disbanded after achieving Cutting Edge Ny’alotha

We ended CN at 9/10M with Sire to 3%.

Mythic Raid Schedule
Friday: 8:30PM EST - 12:00AM EST
Saturday: 8:30PM EST - 12:00AM EST

We have a super quick and easy application - our bots will autofill your logs/raider.io/wowprogress info for you - you just tell us who you are, how to reach you, and anything you think we should know - https://forms.gle/aDhpBcgCKxZh6fjK9

We also do a ton outside of raid!

  • Weekly Heroic Alt Runs
  • Weekly Heroic Raid Sale
  • Weekly guild movie night
  • Key pushing
  • Key Sales
  • Meta Achievement groups
  • There are always people online willing to jump into a pug, run keys, do arenas, go on an achievement run, answer silly questions

Any questions? Need more info? Please message me on Discord at kat#3105

Want to apply? https://forms.gle/aDhpBcgCKxZh6fjK9

Hello, Retirement Sanctuary is a bunch of old raiders clinging to the progression dream. Our goal is to clear all the content (Cutting Edge), on a more relaxed schedule than the good ole days.

Realm: Illidan Horde
Raiding Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30-10:30 PST
Recruiting: DPS in high demand, but all roles (even tanks) will be considered!

We are also recruiting what we call ‘flex’ raiders, who may not be available every raid night. Since we’re old retired people, we know that sometimes your walker breaks down and you can’t make it to raid. Flex raiders are lower priority to get in on progression kills, but can pretty freely come in on farm bosses.

In short, our mission is to clear mythic raids without sacrificing fun. Please reach out via discord!

Discord Admins: (otou#7657), (aidmaro#1337), (Zinnin#1337)

Hello! We are currently looking for another Hpal. We were 9/10M last tier, but got a late start. We will obtain CE this tier.

Lizard Wizards - tichondrius.

Raid Times:

  • Friday - 6PM to 9PM PST
  • Saturday - 6PM to 9PM PST

Current Progression:

Recruitment Needs:

  • Any exceptional DPS
  • Healers

About Us:

Relatively new guild, probably filled with too many people that meme during raid and eventually kill bosses. Raid spots are always in competition because complacency shouldn’t be rewarded and loyalty isn’t enough when you’re grey parsing. This applies if you’re the (ex) GM too.

We don’t do overtime or require you to maintain alts but if you’re able to play multiple characters that would be pretty cool. We are trying to maintain a roster of around 23 players, some people will be benched for composition purposes. If you can’t accept that we’re probably not the right guild for you.

Contact Info:
Ghormus (BTag - Warlockanap#6423, Discord - Napat#4253)
Ballista (BTag - Zuphla#1820, Discord Zuphla#7339)
Puddinpops (BTag - Puddinpops#11558, Discord - puddinpops#1337)

Perpetual on Eonar is looking for more dedicated players to round out our roster. Our guild has been around since the beginning of MoP until last expansion when we took a break. We reformed the guild this expansion with a renewed goal of getting Cutting Edge.

We are made up of a group of people that have raided together for the better part of 8 years including multiple CE and top 100 players. We enjoy a relaxed raiding environment with the expectation that everyone is doing what they must to improve.

Raid Times:

Wed/Thurs - 9pm-12am EST

Optional raids and M+ throughout the week.

Recruitment Needs:

Healers: Recruiting exceptional applicants

DPS: Recruiting all classes


Scooter#11651 on BTag
Scooter#4601 on Discord

Hi Palgue,

Its Mine I Licked It was 9/10M last tier and currently 5/10 H on a 6 hour a week schedule and could use a holy pally. I’ll drop the copy paste below, would love to hear from you!

Hey Palguedk! Add me on battle net, Zialater#1199! We are [Ignorance is BiS] 8/10M Horde - Illidan. We raid Sat/Sun 8-12EST and are looking to add another healer to our roster. Message me if you think you’d be a good fit!

Hey Palguedk,

Are you looking for a fresh start? Do you want to help build a team based upon a shared love of the game? Team SPITE is looking for a few more raiders. They raid Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 - 11:00pm CST. Led by mythic experienced players, the roster is around 10-15 atm.

A tiny bit of background about : discord community of 600+ focused on WoW with one guild on Horde-Illidan. We like to welcome people that need a drama free home, mythic plus group, and/or a raid team. I’ll drop some links below so you can get to know us better behind the scenes without any pressure.

Website: Envelop.gg
Bnet Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/haillidansargeras-envelop-multiple-teams-pve-community/605256
Raider .io: https://raider.io/guilds/us/illidan/Envelop
Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/illidan/envelop
Discord: https://discord.gg/Envelop

You are more than welcome to stay in our discord and chat with us without joining the guild. If you have any questions, please message me on discord. Saph#7860

Thank you and good luck my friend!

Hello Plaguedk,

Chads on Top was a mid patch formed guild that completed AOTC in CN. We’re looking to complete AOTC in 9.1 as well as push mythic raiding. Raiding on Tues/Wed 830PM EST - 11PM.

We’re a laid back raid environment as long as we’re downing content.

We provide raid supplies as well as repairs.

If you’re interested add me on Bnet or Discord!

Btag: SameClothes#1571

Hey Palg,

Add me on bnet so we can chat; Pezek#1832

Looking for holy pally to push mythic this tier I can be reached at Sig#9905 on Discord we raid Tuesday and Wednesday night from 8pm to 11pm est guild spam below

Hello we are looking for a few more raiders. We are currently 8/10H SoD, 9/10M CN.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 7PM Eastern to 11PM Eastern

Current Needs

Ranged DPS of any kind.
Healers of any kind.


Battle Tag - Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Battle Tag - Tigrao#1816 Discord- Tigrao#9515


We’re a 16-year guild with over a dozen Realm First CE kills under our belt looking for ranged dps and a healer for mythic SoD progression. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 EST. We’d love to chat with you sometime, so please add one of us below:

Battle Tag - Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Battle Tag - Tigrao#1816 Discord- Tigrao#9515

Battle Tag - Omega#11231 Discord- Omega#1053

Battle Tag - Bigeze#1485

Battle Tag - Bevee#1903

Battle Tag - Zeez#1833

Battle Tag - Shadow#12663