[H] DPS War LF Guild - 8/10M CN Exp

I am a 223 DPS War looking for a home. I do not mind playing my DH or Monk instead, but they are under geared currently, but can catch up easily with the patch. All 3 are progressed with new reps. (DH 217 and monk 203)

I was maining a mage, but only playing it because the guild didn’t have one. I am 8/10M on the mage with progress up until the very last phase of SLG. That guild died. I do not have fun on the mage and prefer to play melee such as; war, dh, ww monk, and enhance sham. In Nyalotha I got CE as Havoc DH.

I am very active outside of raid and still very much enjoy the game; am very much a grinder. M+ is something I enjoy. I am pretty flexible as far as raid times; but do not want to raid on friday/saturday and would prefer not to start later than 7PM pst/9PM central/10PM est… Ending time can differ. Looking for a guild that matches my dedication.

Mages logs:

Wariors logs:

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Checking in before bed.

Hey bud we need a dps warrior to complete our heroic/mythic roster check us out we can 100% offer you a full time slot as you would be the only warrior
Guild spam below :point_down:t2: