Looking for 9.1 home (Monk, Shaman,DH or Druid)

Happy Friday everyone

Area 52 - Horde
Fri/Sat - 9pm - 12am EST
I Just Want CE

We are looking for skilled raiders that have an interest in pushing CE in 9.1. We have a core group of players who are CE/High Mythic raiding experienced and are looking to fill out the remaining spaces on our roster.

The guild is newly formed and will begin pushing seriously once 9.1 releases. We are mostly playing other games until that point so there won’t be much going on in WoW apart from weekly keys and some pvp/arenas right now.
The environment in the guild and discord is definitely NSFW and you will be roasted by everyone at any given opportunity, just be warned, if you’re sensitive and whiny, you’ll probably be kicked. If you get offended easily, save us all the time and don’t apply.

We have one goal. Cutting Edge. If you are interested in pushing high end content, add me on Discord - Rayzum#7404.

Hey, Stuffed is still searching for a monk. 4/10m raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30 pst. If you want to chat add me on discord tyler3133#2683

Good morning everyone! Need a good mechanic following raider? Multi AOTC tank loooking to flip to dps.

Hey, Saintaquillo,
I am Ettyn with the Alliance Guild, Chain Reaction on Lightbringer. Not sure if you are interested in faction/server swaps, but we are actively recruiting a WW monk, a dps DH, and a Boomkin, so it sounds like we might be a good fit for each other! We are a Normal/Heroic guild raiding T/Th 7-9:30pm pacific.
If any of that sounds like something you might be looking for, hit me up on battlenet RowanBeth#1291 or discord Beth#0208 and let’s chat!

Good evening everyone

Hey - Drunk n’ Disorderly is a 2/10 M Horde guild on Zul’Jin that is looking to fill up our Mythic Raid team with approx. 5 additional players. We mostly need DPS, however, we are open to all classes and specs.

We are a 4-month-old guild but as you can see we are progressing quite quickly while also being semi-casual. Life always comes first, no questions asked if you must miss a raid.

Our Raid schedule is Fri/Sat. 8pm est. for Mythic Raid, then we have an optional Heroic Clear/Sludge Skip at 4pm Sun. We usually kill H Sire within 2-3 pulls.

We want to hit 9.1 as a cohesive and geared team - but to do that we need players like you.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. See you in-game soon!

Tanked some mythics tonight. I also heard that DH tanks won’t have the buffs anymore…

Hi Saint, Persistent-Thrall is recruiting DPS for our raid team. Our raid days/times are Tues/Thurs 9pm-12am est. You can contact me on discord at Coco#6386 or B-Tag Cocopuff#1627. Look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Hey Saintaquillo,

Not sure if you are still looking for a guild, but if you are then…

Spiteful Misfits (Area 52) is recruiting people interested in joining a new community.

Formed by a semi-casual group of AOTC & KSM players who are looking for more people that are interested in clearing heroic raids, getting their keystone master achievement every season, or just hanging out.

Raid group is currently seeking any DPS players. We raid Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 9-11pm Est.

If interested please pm Rhawin, Syroxia, or Landø(alt 0248) in game/message Bluejay#1886, Land#1483, Akraz#1918.

I healed a dungeon last night and they said I did great!

Hey there - I actually play Alliance on Proudmoore - but we have a sister Horde guild on Area 52 you can check out, that sounds like it’ll be a good fit for you. :slight_smile:


GL in your guild hunt!

Thanks! I’ll check it out

9.1 hype. Who needs a WW, a ele or a havok?

My raid team sure could use any of those three. I posted before trying to reach you. my Bnet is Bluejay#1886 pls add me so we can discuss further.

I hope to hear from you.

Could use a havoc for sure! Take a read and see if we are a good fit;

My raid team sure could use any of those three. I posted before trying to reach you. my Bnet is Bluejay#1886 pls add me so we can discuss further.

I hope to hear from you.


Were Space Pirates on Zul’Jin, recently transferred over from Dalaran and is looking to progress Mythic Raiding in 9.1. Majority of our raiders achieved AOTC on multiple characters, and some mythic raiding experience in 9.0

[H][Zul’Jin] Weekend Raiders for 9.1! - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

< Salt Factory > of Arthas is a 2 night a week Cutting Edge Mythic progression guild.

What we offer

An active community of players that run Mythic Plus regularly. A laid back environment that is fun and enjoyable. Progression raiding on a two day schedule that leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy other aspects of the game or life.

What we expect from you

We expect raiding experience in previous tiers of relevant content. All of our raiders are expected to maintain close to 100% attendance during progression content. It should be apparent that you are putting forth the maximum amount of effort in improving your characters effectiveness.

Current Progression
9/10M Castle Nathria
12/12M NYA
7/8M EP
8/9M BOD

Raid Times:
9pm - 12am EST Tuesday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Thursday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Sunday (optional)

Recruiting Needs
Strong DPS with preference to WW Monk, Hunter, and Lock or Spriest.

Lovecoil (norquandro#1999) [Recruiter]
Swittch (Azazul#1746) [Raid Lead]
Synnth (Ripture#1612) [Raid assist]
Lobine (Lobine#1866) [Raid assist]