Group of ~7 LF Weeknight Guild [H]


Currently located on Illidan but willing to cross realm heroic.

We are a group of ~7 players looking for a weeknight raiding guild (2 days of tues/wed/thurs around 7-8est). Really just looking for a chill group of guys to raid with and get AOTC / jump into a bit of mythic. Not really looking for a CE guild or anything. We are currently 7/10 Normal (pugging)

That being said, we actually are solid players (all had over 2k io last season) and don’t really want lack of dps or anything to prevent progress.

These are the classes we are currently playing, though 2 have almost every class at a level ready to jump into raiding.

Holy Priest
Ele Shaman
Fury Warrior
2 flex (many classes at a high ilvl)

If interested feel free to reach out on discord!

Hey Lanolyn,

If you’re willing to consider Alliance MGB sounds like it could be a good fit for your group. Even if you’re not on the server you could join the guild on a fresh alt to see if you mesh with the general vibe. We have a large social community and the more the merrier. We also have a smaller group that is more focused on pushing M+/PvP/Raids as well. In 9.0 I was 7/10M (, KSM, and 2100+ PvP and am happy to help anyone improve if they are interested.

We are bolstering our progression raiding team and welcoming new trials. Our raiding goals are to grow our team, get AoTC as soon as possible, and take down all the Mythic bosses we can. Happy to discuss more.

Discord: Ali_A#1167 or Deadlift#4338
BTag: Deadlift#1353

Raid Schedule: (6 hours/week)

Fri/Sat - 8:30-11:30 PM Eastern (5:30-8:30 PM Pacific)

Prerequisites to join:

  1. Be respectful of your fellow raiders
  2. Show up on time and let us know if you are unable to make a raid night
  3. Play your class to the best of your ability

Also note that if you can play your class well enough to meet our minimum requirements you are more than welcome to play an off-meta spec or select an off-meta covenant.

Hey there I’d love to chat with you guys I think you would all make a huge impact for our heroic / casual mythic raid team I’ll drop the guild spam below you can reach me at Sig#9905 on disc or Sig#11142 on battle net

Hey there!

Sounds like you guys are looking for similar things to our guild. We’re a AOTC focused guild with aspirations of someday dabbling in some mythic. Here’s a link to our recruitment info [US][H][Area-52][AotC]<Mythic Scrubs> AotC Guild LFM

Hit me up on Discord (Bul#3797) if you are interested! Thanks!