3 exp players looking for guild

resto Druid main
Dh tank/dps
Player 2
Resto shammy
Player 3
Druid feral/boom
Many alts

The 3 of us are looking for a new guild on a more active server/guild we are all aotc exp and some mythic raid exp also we are looking for a guild with active members with a raid start time around 11:30est or even little later we also do M+ we may have a few other who may follow as well all laid back looking to push content

My btag is bkromer#1893 hit me up

hi i have sent you a bnet request to talk further about our guild

Also we are horde

We currently need one healer and two dps would the shaman be willing to play elemental? I’ll drop guild spam if you have any interest please reach out to me!
Sig#9905 on discord / bnet Sig#11142 we raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm to 11pm est We are on Zul’jin US horde

Ur raid times are to early for us thank

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Hello Bkromer,

we are currently looking for dps and a resto sham if you would be open to dpsing!