Hello all, I am a returning top 10 US Raider, I Raided top 10 US For years as a Hpally All the way from Cata-WOD, Had numerous top 5 US kills during Mists, WOD and TONS of number 1 parses on many fights throughout the years on numerous Alts and classes, Most Noteable kill (Mythic Imperator Margok US 8th) I am looking for a CE raiding guild that plans to push content and a home for shadowlands… Alliance or Horde, Preferrably with a spot needing an H pally.

Went 8/10M CN top 50 US… have TONS of logs for references

Add me on RealID to discuss further - Kowadin#1451

If you looking to dumb it down some with some really great bad players I’ll drop our guild spam Below we would love a H pally we are a heroic / casual mythic guild trying to push a bit harder this teir

unfortunately looking for a bit more progressed than that, Appreciate the response though.