AOTC Hunter LF 9.1 Mythic team


Currently looking to get back into raiding on my hunter for 9.1, achieved AOTC in January but my guild didn’t have serious mythic aspirations so I found my competitive outlet in RBGs on my pvp alts. Currently looking for a 2 night a week guild, potentially 3 if its a great fit. Early start times work best for me - ending before 1030 ideal.

I’ve raided in some capacity since vanilla, highlights were wrath with US 100 light of dawn and a brief period raiding in a top 5 US 10 man guild at the start of Cata.

Best way to contact is here or add me on bnet Eduard#11869

Hey bud would like to talk we are an AOTC guild looking to push into mythic check us out


Hey there. I’m interested in speaking with you more, when you’re available, and if you’re still looking.

A little about us…

  • Guild: No Pressure
  • Server: Stormrage
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Raid Focus: Mythic Progression; Heroic Farm
  • Mythic & Heroic Raid Times: Tues & Thurs 7pm - 10pm EST
  • Wknd Raid Info: Sat 8pm - 11pm EST

We are Nathria 7/10M raiders forming a small [ 2/3/9 or 2/4/12] Heroic Team to quick clear AOTC, sell a few runs, and get Glory of the Dominant Raider Achieve.

If you can supply info on your hunter, love to chat!

Reach out on Bnet: KassiG#1130

Our Guild Posts: