Tired of solo

I need a guild where I can actually raid with them join the calls on discord and such I’ve never been in one that I can do any of these things, and always end up joining just the random guilds that invite me. It’s the main reason I haven’t really started this xpac. Would love to find one I could call home and make some friends along the way. :smile:


Hey Belvearus!

Spiteful Misfits (Horde - Area 52) is recruiting people such as yourself, interested in joining a new community of close knit members.

Formed by a semi-casual group of AOTC & KSM players who are looking for more people that are interested in clearing heroic raids, getting their keystone master achievement every season, or just hanging out.

Raid group is currently seeking DPS players. We raid current content still and will continue our main progression nights of Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9-11pm est.

If interested please pm Rhawin, Syroxia, or Landø(alt 0248) in game/message Bluejay#1886, Land#1483, Akraz#1918.

I would love to talk to you about our guild! We’re super nice and have an active discord. Bnet: TheLibrarian#11426

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Hey Belearus! I’d love to chat with you about the Horde guild I am in on Mal’Ganis server. We are a weekend raiding group that are active on discord and in game daily. Please add me on bnet to chat :slight_smile: Belle#1386 bnet or Discord if you prefer Belle#6807

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Hey there!

[US] [H] | White Lotus on Illidan is recruiting for Shadowlands! We are an active, LGBTQ+ friendly, and helpful guild that is trying to make it’s way through SL and move into 9.1. Our current raid time is Fri 8-11pm EST (5-8pm PST), with an additional second time of Tue 9pm-12am EST (6-9pm PST) starting July 6th, we are currrently 9/10 Heroic. Other than raiding, we also do mount runs, achievements, m+, Torghast, you name it!

For our raid team we are looking for DPS but are welcoming anyone, at any level, to join our community! We have a spot for everyone. Join us on discord or reach out on BattleNet to our Guild Master, Kretyn#1728 or myself, amyag#1972. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Discord username: amy#2891

Belvearus - we have a more casual focused raiding group in Nox Oriens that may be a nice fit for you!! Hit me up and we can chat!! Info is all below:

Nox Oriens (6/10 Mythic) is looking to add 2-3 DPS and a dps/off-tank for our Mythic roster. We also run a Casual Raid Team that is recruiting for all positions and is currently pushing through Heroics.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 9pm to midnight server (central) for both teams.

Nox Oriens is an Alliance guild based on the Sargeras server and we are a progressive, friendly raid guild. We have been raiding as a guild since 2007 and we are currently running two raid groups:
Tempest (Mythic Roster)
Ascendance (Casual Progression)

We maintain a friendly raid and guild atmosphere with ages in-guild ranging from 18 to grandparents and many of our raiders are parents. We have a liberal alt and friend invite policy for our raiders as well. We do some PVP and run M+ often.

We are always looking for great raiders but more importantly we are looking for excellent guild mates. If you believe you may be a fit for our culture and one of our raid teams, please contact:
BNET: Shadowjj#1695
Discord: Shadow#8257

We look forward to hearing from you.



If I’m joining the conversation late and you’ve already found a guild, then I wish you happiness in 9.1.
If you’re still looking for a community of friends to hang out with, then I ask that you take a look at my guild post below:

Barely and Inconvenience - Stormrage
(10/10H CN)
Raid Times Tuesday & Thursday 9-12 EST
Looking for a healer to fill a core spot going into 9.1
Our goal is AOTC before the next tier and potentially looking at early Mythics.
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments at Rusty#1215

Hey bud looking for a rowdy bunch of nut jobs we’re your crew check us out!!