Zul'jin Horde - Ranged DPS LF Guild

Hello all.

I’m a ranged DPS currently looking for a mid-tier mythic guild to get started with in 9.1.
I’m looking to either play Hunter (pref), Elemental Shaman, or Mage.

As far as raiding experience goes… I have AOTC from a lot of different tiers and also have mythic experience (never full clear, usually 3-5 bosses).

I’ve never been in a guild that could adequately push the mythic content - and I’m looking for that this time around. As a player I’ve felt like I’ve always been able to work as a team and do my individual part to make the encounter as easy as possible for everyone else.
I’m a WoW vet of about 15 years or so (late TBC) and have been an addict almost the entire time.

I have a lot of knowledge of all classes, including rotations and etc. I’m able to pick any class and play it at a moderately high level.

I took a bit of time off of retail to play classic and TBC and now I’m wanting to return to the raiding scene in retail.

I can raid any days
Wednesday / Thursday (classic TBC raids).
I prefer EST times anywhere from 6pm-12am.

Some logs of mine.

My highest parse ever(Kojin):


Some classic shadow priest logs for MC/Ony:

My guild ended up changing servers from Stalagg to Kromcrush so the logs are split and they didn’t start logging until a few clears in. We had more than 6 clears of MC and Ony.





Classic TBC logs on Hunter (most recent):


Also for any guilds that also like to pvp - I’m a PvPer. My shadowlands experience (season 1) is 2.1k on both rogue and elemental shaman.

Add me on Bnet and send me a message - Kojin#11251

Thanks for your considerations, guys.


Hey bud we could use a Mage or elemental shaman or even a second hunter we are on Zul’jin AoTC guild looking to push mythic hard this teir check us out