LF Early EST mythic raiding guild


I am looking for a guild that raids no later than 10:30EST. I changed work schedules and I am no longer able to raid as late. I don’t mind xferring to any server. I prefer to mythic raid. I have prior CE but did not raid most of this last tier. I did get 6/10M. I can bring/play MM hunter 225ilvl, Frost mage 224ilvl or Veng DH 225ilvl. If you have any questions please contact me at Pokett#1625

Hey bud I also wake up at 4 AM for work so I feel your pain we desperately need a mage if you’re interested we raid 8 to 11 EST Tuesday Wednesday nights I know it’s a half hour more than you wanted to but are you flexible guild spam below


Hi there - I tossed you a bnet add and saw the acceptance, so hopefully we can talk soon! I’ll give you a bit of info on us below, as well as a link to our forums. I’d be interested in your mage or hunter, (rdps).

Here’s a bit of info:

  • Guild: No Pressure
  • Server: Stormrage
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Raid Focus: Mythic Progression; Heroic Farm
  • Mythic Team Raid Times: Tues & Thurs 7pm - 10pm EST
  • Heroic Team Raid Times: Tues & Thurs 7pm - 10pm EST
  • Saturday Drunk Raid/Fun Run Info: Sat 8pm - 11pm EST

And a link to our forum…

Hope to hear from you.
Bnet - KassiG#1130

Hello Oghoric,

Chads on Top was a mid patch formed guild that completed AOTC in CN. We’re looking to complete AOTC in 9.1 as well as push mythic raiding. Raiding on Tues/Wed 830PM EST - 11PM.

We’re a laid back raid environment as long as we’re downing content.

We provide raid supplies as well as repairs.

If you’re interested add me on Bnet or Discord!

Btag: SameClothes#1571