Warlock looking for a M+ focused semi-casual raiding guild

I’m returning from a break excited for 9.1 but I’m in need of a new home. I come from a low populated server and a very small guild so we basically had to pug all tier due to low numbers. This tier I’d like to find a guild that raids in house with the focus of AOTC. I can raid 1-2 nights during the week between 7pm-11pm cst. I also am looking for a guild that pushes keys on off days. M+ is my favorite content in the game and I’d like to find a push group eventually. Last tier I got 9/10 H CN and I’m sure I can find some logs if needed. I’m willing to server xfer and even faction xfer if necessary. Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me via discord at Wink#4720 with any questions.

Hey there think we might work out for you let me know

[US] [Zul’jin] Wed/Sun 930pm-1230am EST

is recruiting for its Mythic raid team. Come join us as we push hard in Heroic/Mythic Sanctum of Domination in 9.1!

We raid 2 nights a week from 930-1230 EST Wednesdays and Sundays for progression with an optional fun run on fridays.

More details below. Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining our team or have any questions.


Recruitment Needs

  • 3-4 ranged DPS - Boomkin, Mage, MM hunter, Spriest, Lock
  • 1 melee DPS - havoc demon hunter
  • 1 healer - Holy Paladin

Primary Raid Schedule

  • Wednesday: 930 pm - 1230 pm EST Server
  • Sunday: 930 pm - 1230 pm EST server

9.x Progression

  • Castle Nathria - 10/10N, 10/10H, 4/10 mythic


  • High Attendance
  • Being prepared to wipe
  • Motivated to help others
  • Willing to improve, can take constructive criticism
  • We sometimes extend Raid ID/lock-out when pushing hard on progression
  • Discord
  • Can handle people who try to be funny
  • Mature and serious for raiding, but realize it is a game and its meant to be fun so that’s what we do.

Noteworthy Things

  • We do M+ daily and are always helping each other to get gear.
  • There’s ALWAYS people on doing a wide variety of things from legacy raids for transmog, to mythics, to pvp, and achievement runs.
  • We can take the game seriously and have fun at the same time.
  • We will talk with and help you if you are under-performing. no judgement after all, the skill isn’t the class, it’s the person.
  • We are focused on getting to and getting as far as we can in Mythic raiding but not at the cost of fun. we will not be a hardcore guild that yells at mistakes but we do expect your best performance because that’s what we’ll bring with us.

Contact Info
If interested, please reach out to us anytime:

Discord - Stratosfear#8665
Bnet - jmac1984#1572

Discord - iMute#2379
Bnet - iMute#11380

Hi Wink, hope you are well.

We are recruiting dps for heroic/mythic Sanctum of Domination. Below you will find some information about the guild. Please don’t hesitate to reach out :grinning:

<Resîlîence> is a new guild created by a group of longstanding friends who have been raiding together for years. We’ve formed from the ashes of an AOTC / some mythic guild, and we are looking to push deeper into mythic progression going forward. The guild we come from was AOTC for all of BFA and in 9.0 as well, with a solid handful of mythic kills throughout.

While we get things up and running, we will maintain the raid times of our old guild, being Thursday/Friday 9 P.M – 12 A.M. EST.

This will continue until the raid week of July 20th at which point we will switch to raiding Tuesday/Thursday, 9 P.M – 12 A.M. EST.

We plan on achieving AOTC quickly and then moving into mythic progress, at which point we will spin up our (optional) Saturday night alt raids and keys. It is also worth mentioning that many of our members also enjoy pushing fairly-high keys and routinely achieve KSM. Going into 9.1 we are in need of 10+ raiders. Though we do have some specific needs which will be listed below, we’re also wide open to anyone who would wish to apply.

Just a little information on the group itself - We’re a long-standing group of friends from a wide breadth of backgrounds including military, students, parents, 9-5ers and stay-at-homers. The guild has an average age of 25-35. Realistically we’ll progress as best we can. Though we are progression minded and we take the game seriously, we all agree that the most important aspect is having fun in a safe place with our friends. We have a wide range of folks from many different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender-identities, etc and we ask that any new member be respectful of that. We employ a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hate-speech.

Our current needs are as follows:

    Shadow Priest
    Ele Shaman
    Demon Hunter
    We aren’t necessarily looking for a dedicated healer, as we already have 4, though a DPS who can switch if necessary would be fantastic.

Again, any other DPS that wishes to apply should feel free. We are all set on tanks.

If you’d like to chat feel free to ping me in game- Xxvii#11663. The other officers can help as well, Dabears#1561 and Raand#1678, as can the Guild Master himself, KriztovChaos#1801.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you!

Hi there! I’d love to talk to you about The Librarians, I think we could be a great fit for what you’re looking for. I’m on Discord, penciltea#4344.

Bump. Any alliance guilds with Monday-Friday raid times that might be a good fit before i decide to swap? Thanks again for reading!