[H] 221ilvl Bear LF Guild

Looking to find somewhere to tank for 9.1. I went 10/10H last tier as Boomkin, but didnt have time to dedicate to a mythic roster due to having twins. Things have calmed down a bit and I’ve found more time to dedicate to raiding again.

Reach out to me on Bnet @ Ben#17891 or Discord @ Ben#6315


My guild on Bleeding Hollow raids 8-10:30 EST Tues/Thurs and is recruiting all roles at the moment. AOTC and a little mythic progress last tier. Feel free to stay on whatever realm you’re on and just come for raid nights as well, we’re always talking in the guild discord anyways. If you’re interested shoot me a message on discord. First raid is tomorrow night!

JP Meningitis#7669

Would you be interested in playing Feral I’d love a feral on our roster I’ll drop the guild spam below there could be some off tanking involved also let me know