Veteran Raider LF AoTC+ Guild for 9.1

Hey there recruitment forums,

I’m looking for a new guild for 9.1 PvE progression.

Any Server / either faction works

I can play any time Monday - Thursday since I primarily work weekends. I’m looking for a one / two day commitment with preferrably longer raid times (3 - 4 hours).

Current roles / classes I’m interested in (have all at 60 ready to go for 9.1):

Priest (Shadow / Holy) - I would have to level this from 50 but shouldn’t take me long
Demon Hunter (Havoc / Veng)
Paladin (Ret / Holy)

The most important part to me is the community. I’m taking my time looking for the right guild that works for me and my interests. I’ve played this game for a long time and really just wanna hang out with some good people and kill bosses.

What I am not looking for are people looking to min max and micro manage every little aspect of the game because in my experience, those people are the first to burn out on content.

Hit me up on Discord if you’d like to chat!



Hi Golden, you sound like a great fit for Evolved! Check us out!

Hey brother we are in desperate need of a Mage!!! AoTc guild pushing into mythic this teir two days a week 8pm to 11 pm Tuesday & Wednesday guild spam