206 Frost Mage LF AOTC Morning Guild

Hey there! I just got back from a deployment and I’m looking to get back into raiding. I have years of experience, and am a pretty consistent AOTC/CE progression player. I main a mage with a ret paladin for pvp. Any guilds out there raid in the mornings? HMU if so, RisenFenix#11943. I’m currently on Stormrage - Alliance but I’m willing to relocate and even faction xfer if necessary. My frost mage is 206 with KSM and AOTC, and my ret paladin (1600 currently) is 194 (have all upgrade aspirant and 4 sinful glad).

First off I want to start with saying thank you for your service! We don’t raid morning but if schedule ever changes we have zero mages and need one I’ll drop spam below

I’m not sure your timezone, but feel free to check us out at:

[A] [Dreanor] - daytime raiding guild 12:00-3:00pm est tue and wed.

We are currently recruiting for Chains of Domination starting with normal and heroic with future plans of mythic progression.

We are a daytime raiding guild on Dalaran with the hopes of solidifying a core team for raiding!
We do have a few ranks that are essential for progressing in this new raid but are open to having as many fun and flexible members in the guild. We have our set raid days but also run keys, pvp and achievements.

Nyalotha progression:
6/12 mythic
12/12 heroic
12/12 normal

CN progression
2/10 Mythic
10/10 Heroic
10/10 Normal

Raid Times

Tue 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Est

Wed 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Est

Feel free to message me on discord @Pixie_Riot#5476