<Critically Dumb> 1/10M 10/10 H SOD - T/W (7-10 CST) -

Oh boy the boi’s are back!

Soft bump for big homie

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Thanks for the BUMP homie need to stay on top

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Another bump for one of the baddest dudes on the planet

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Bumps are the way to our hearts let’s get ready for 9.1!!!

Bumping because Sig asked nicely.

Come show off how Critically Dumb you are by joining us next week for more Heroic progression! 3/10H.

Yea buddy who would think 3/10 would put us at 1200 on wow progress

Need some body’s to pump pump

Let’s go boi’s

Let’s get back to the top!

Let’s go do karate in the garage!

Lap dance special two for one Tuesday’s only dm for details limited to one per customer

Come raid with my dad!

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I’ll join I’m critically dumb through and through

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