218 Resto druid LF guild

I am a 218 resto druid looking to switch to the alliance side of things and find a new guild! I like dungeons more so than raiding but still enjoy raiding at least once a week, I got to heroic Sire but never actually got the kill. I got AOTC for Ny’alotha as a resto druid. I haven’t been playing much recently as my horde guild was small and kind of fell apart so I’m making some changes! Please feel free to reach out over discord, Feyuna#9608. I have a full time job, but have time to play almost every evening and have Mondays and Saturdays off, would prefer MST if possible but am open to just finding a chill guild who maybe needs another healer and some alts!

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Sorry didn’t realize it was posting as my hunter! This is my druid I’m looking to change guilds, would like to bring the hunter along as well!

Hey Feyuna

I tried to add your disc, but it said you aren’t accepting requests - I’d love to chat with you if you want to add me on disc. Letholas#9581

Hey, Feyuna,
I just added you on Discord, I’m Beth#0208. If you are looking for an alt friendly, semi-laid back Alliance guild that raids Normal/Heroic, I’d love to chat with you! The guild is Chain Reaction on Lightbringer, raiding T/Th 7-9:30pm pacific.

Hey! I sent you a friend request on Discord, hope we get to talk soon! In the meantime, you can have a look at our guild forum post here if you wanna see more first!

if you’re still looking for a guild, I’d strongly recommend The Librarians! We’re a raiding and M+ group, very chill and friendly. We raid Sun/Mon 8PM-11/11:30PM server time and do M+ and other things throughout the week! Most of us are EST but we do have people spanning several timezones.

I’d say the biggest draw for us is that we’re a very friendly community. We help each other out with whatever is needed, whether it’s gearing or learning new specs, or anything in between. We are very friendly and communicative; even if we wipe in M+ or raid runs, there’s no toxicity or aggression, just a discussion on what we can do better for next time before picking up and carrying on. Everyone has life outside of the game and everyone is respectful towards each other.

If you’re interested, DM bnet TheLibrarian#11426 or feel free to message me on Discord, penciltea#4344 .

[H] [Area 52] is a 10/10H CN guild looking to get some more people for 9.1 raiding and M+. We are a mixed semi-casual and semi-hardcore(mostly a smaller group that run M+)

We raid Wednesdays/Sundays from 8:30 PM EST until 11:30 PM EST, but last raid tier we added extra raid days in because we all wanted more progression on Sire.

We’re AOTC focused, however we aren’t striving for mythic raiding. It’s more likely a byproduct of our fun raiding environment.

If you’re interested, hit me up on Discord Ody#4290 or on B Net CritOdysseus#1323

Hey, feel free to hit me up if our times work for you. We run mythic+ regularly on tuesday nights and after raids on wednesday and thursday.

Barely and Inconvenience - Stormrage
Raid Times Tuesday & Thursday 9-12 EST
Looking for a healer to fill a core spot as a third/fourth healer going into 9.1
Our goal is AOTC before the next tier and potentially looking at early Mythics.
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments at Rusty#1215

Check out Evolved!

Hay let’s chat tonight feel free to add me!

Mal’Ganis Triumphant is currently 10/10H 2/10M and newly formed raiding/mythic+ guild, the looking for laid back and focused raiders to flush out the rest of our raid team. LF skilled dps Ranged preferred accepting Socials and anyone looking to have fun.

Currently class needs

Elemental shaman



Hunter (Not survival lol)



If you are ranged I want you !!

Always looks good on applicants if you are ready and willing to Flex regarding specs and follow the meta needs.

Guess what everyone 9.1 is coming soon !!! For anyone interested please reach out as everyone will be given a fair chance to prove themselves come the Mythic roster.

Raid time= 7pm-10pm CST Tues/Thurs

Any class that is not listed and wish to join feel free to pm as skills is Very important!

feel free to post here or Btag Daylightfall#1562 for further details

Daylightfall#5945 discord is preferable

A fellow MST Person! I knew we had wowers here! I sent you a discord friend request. I dont know if you are still looking for a guild or not but I figured I would reach out we are actually looking for a rdruid healer. Im the GM/Raid Lead for Leftovers-Ravencrest. We are an adult guild that raids tuesday-thursday 6-9pm mountain. We are a pretty chill friendly and helpful group that just enjoys playing wow to relax from our days. We have AOTC and thats our focus every tier. My discord is Jeb#8812 Look forward to hearing from ya!

(One Shot Is Never Enough) Bleeding Hollow Looking to Grow our Mythic Team 3/10M Tue/ Thurs 9est to 11:30est. RBG’S on the weekend and mythic + on off nights. We are AOTC guild that does casual Mythic Progress. Currently looking for a 2 dps and 2 healers.

We have 3rd raid night every other week on Mon (Optional/Alt run). Returning Players and casual Players welcome. Battle.net Fenadorm#1793

Throwing our spam in as well in case you haven’t found a great fit yet =)

I think you should stay horde and join us!

Entitled Elite is a semi hardcore raiding guild located on US Illidan, Horde side. We are recruiting for our core Mythic raiding team.

Raid Days

Tuesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Wednesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Thursday 8PM - 11PM EST

Our priorities for recruitment is the following:

  • Tank - Non DH
  • Healers - Resto sham, Resto Druid, Disc Priest
  • Ranged DPS - All
  • Melee DPS - All

All exceptional players will be considered regardless of class and spec.

Our goal is progress as far into the tier as possible with a cutting edge mentality while still maintaining a fun environment for everybody.

Outside of raiding, we have a lot of active members who like to push high keys. We have many members with an IO score of over 1500 and many more climbing. If PvP is more your thing we have an RBG team and several multi-glads that love to run arenas with multiple players over 2000 rating in both 2’s and 3’s.

Apply at h ttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PS3NF5P (Delete space in between h & t)

or feel free to reach out to one of our officer’s which are posted below.

Guild Master
Zymena - Battle.net - Defusionz#1271 - Discord - The Goon Squad#7157

Deff - Battle.net - Beautyinwar#1784 - Discord - deffmetals#1002