[A] Fury Warrior LF Guild on Proudmoore

I’m looking for a guild that raids at any level (N/H/M). :pray:The guild must not require participation in Mythic+/PvP :pray:. I have experience in mythic level raiding during Legion expansion. I’m available to raid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Legion Logs:
warcraftlogs com/character/us/proudmoore/dredsang?zone=17&new=true#

Btag: SangXY#1850
Discord: Dredsang#1484

Any interest in horde we need a good a warrior for our raid team badly here is the spam below

Hey Dredsang - I sent you a discord request - we aren’t on Proudmoore, but if you’d be willing to transfer for the right fit I’d love to chat