220 Havoc DH / Fire Mage LF fun and PogChamp guild

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m plainly an Old School Bad azz gamer looking for a hyped group to have fun with while PWNING Raid Bosses. I’m as real as it gets when I talk. So, if my loud voice and challenging attitude bothers you when I’m expressing that I’ll make sure you know what I know is the best method to be a top gamer, then I’m not the guildie for you.

My way of having fun is playing World of Warcraft at it’s maximum potential while listening to raid leader call outs, following mechanics and competing with my fellow guild mates while having the best fun with like minded gamers, then I think me and you will get along just fine.

I’m also an aspiring and great video gaming portrayer on Twitch streaming website, which I recently just started pushing real hard to get my content out there for my viewers to see. I have a lot of content that’s very particular to understand and understand why I love video gaming so much you’ll see that I never talk BS . So, if you think you could give me a spot in your raid team and you want to grow together as a team and help each other out then please let me know. :sunglasses:

My parses haven’t really been top notch per say but I know with the right group that has great synchronized organization and dope attitude I could possibly see my parses and performance getting better and better.

PS: I’m a great gamer but got some things I have to perfect with and achieve great things with the right guild.

Disclaimer: I love my server so hopefully I’ll be able to find a guild on NA [H] Illidan.

190ish Fire Mage (All specs in progress) main raiding toon and future prospect to play with.

220 (BiS) Havoc Demon Hunter which is 10/10 H and 1/10 M, which I have put in so much work to keep going and improve. I prefer to play Mage Mage though.

Thank you very much! :fire::heart::fire:

BTAG: BigBadAzz#1156

Bumpity bump bump, boom boom chakalaka :sunglasses:

Hey Bigbadazz / Wraithzen,

Spiteful Misfits (Horde - Area 52) is recruiting people such as yourself interested in joining a new community of close knit members.

Formed by a semi-casual group of AOTC & KSM players who are looking for more people that are interested in clearing heroic raids, getting their keystone master achievement every season, or just hanging out.

Raid group is currently seeking DPS players. We raid current content still and will continue our main progression nights of Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9-11pm est.

If interested please pm Rhawin, Syroxia, or Landø(alt 0248) in game/message Bluejay#1886, Land#1483, Akraz#1918.

Hope to hear from you to see if there is a fit.

I will add you to bnet.

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Hello there! I know you were looking to stay on Illidan, but I’m hoping to reach out to expand your horizons to Mal’Ganis! :smiley: Our information will be below, but I am looking for players for our 7-10pm EST Sat/Sun team. We are currently 9/10M and reaching out to players that are interested in a 9.1 position. If we sound like a good fit, and you would fancy a small change in scenery, please let us know in our discord!

[H] 9/10M 6hr Sat/Sun Pandamonium-Mal’ganis for 9.1 - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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Sundust Syndicate is looking to build back up for 9.1!

We are a guild who was formed during CN and managed to get 2/10M before taking a break until 9.1 (and waiting too long for it…) Now we are looking for more like-minded people to fill out the roster from the Drought!

We are recruiting any who are looking to find a new home where they can push content but also make friends! We don’t over care about CE nor do we want to burn out our raiders by only farming heroic. Community and friendship is what the guild was founded on and that is how it will stay. M+ teams, and PVP events are things we would like to look at in the future if people are interested in it.

Raid Times!

(Progression) Tuesday | 9:30 EST - 12:00 EST

(Progression) Thursday | 9:30 EST - 12:00 EST

Recruiting Needs:

Tanks - Meduim (1 Potential Opening)

Heals - Meduim (1 Potential Opening)

DPS - High (Melee: DK ) (Ranged: Mage, Lock, Hunter, SPriest)

If you do not see your class on the list above, and you feel like you’d be a good fit with us, do not hesitate to still contact us!

What we expect from raiding applicants:

Ability to attend at least 85% of raids

Friendly, team player attitude

Ability to communicate on Discord

Not looking to raid? No problem! We are always open to players that like to level alts, run old raids for mogs/mounts, Keys, PVP or just hang out to chat!

Questions? Please contact: GM: (Bnet) KiwiTiger#11312 | (Discord) KiwiTiger#3279

I very wholeheartedly thank each single one of you for extending an invitation to your lovely guilds but I think I have found a great group of people here on Illidan and they have genuinely have given me their friendship so with that said, stay positive my fellow video gamers <3 <):slight_smile: <3