Warlock LF Casual Mythic Raiding guild

Destruction warlock-
Experienced Mythic raider LF Casual Mythic raiding guild,
This tier had a guild break up at 3/10M and then i was recruited to another guild where i managed to kill Council, Sludgefist and SLG. With my current work schedule changing on me my attendance could only be around 75-80% which is why im seeking a more casual mythic raiding guild where i could either come on as a sub or raid every night im available too. i would still like to clear content i would prefer to stay alliance but am always open to a good offer.
Bnet - Diasnipes#1185

Hey bud I understand how it is with work changing i know you would like to stay alliance but I figured I’d reach out anyways we wouldn’t mind having another lock as a sub or when you can make it as we push into mythic here is our guild spam

Quick Bio
We are Inconceivable, a newly formed guild on Area 52. We have been clearing content together since 2015 and have recently created a new guild under new ownership! We have a fun, friendly, relaxed environment both in raid and outside of raid with the goal of pushing for CE each tier.

Attendance: Each and every raiders is expected to have 90% attendance. Players who cannot maintain 90% attendance will be sat on the bench and will remain in that spot until they can prove otherwise.
Consumables: each raider is expected to have full consumables. That means, food, flask, pots (enough for pre and post pulls) vantus runes, augment runes, oils, and armor kits. As we supply flask, food, and usually vantus runes, we still expect them to be in your bags.
Knowledge of class: Nobody is the forefront expert on their class. We expect all raiders to understand their class, and keep putting in the effort to be better.
Knowledge of fights: An understanding of all fights that the guild may be progressing on and farming.
Attitude: Always have a good attitude. Many of us come to raid because it is our escape from the real world. If you cannot come and wipe on a progression boss all night while keeping a good, positive, fun attitude, you may not want to inquire.

Raid Times
Wednesday/Thursday 10pm-1am EASTERN
Optional Night: Tuesday 10pm-1am est.

What we need
Holy Pally
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid

Shadow priest
Swing DPS/Heal

Swing DPS/Tank

Discord: Vergina#7454
Battle.net: Hombre#11109

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Hey Uniisom!

I’d love to chat with you if you want to add my discord, Letholas#9581. I’ll send a btag request as well, but I’m easier to reach on disc!