[A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H 3/8M EP Recruiting all classes/roles!

Have you been searching for a guild that feels like home, has a sense of community, and can make friendships that last? Are you searching for a guild that knows what it's like to be a parent, a working adult, or just busy in real life but still enjoys playing video games in your freetime? If you answered yes, then Evolved Gaming will be perfect for you! We understand that real life comes first, but it’s nice to have that online family and community to come home to in your free time.

Evolved was created to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

We are actively recruiting for our multiple raid teams. Of course, you don’t have to raid to join and we don’t require you raid every night. We understand that real life comes first! We like to think of ourselves as accomplished casual raiders - we’re still casual but when it comes to getting new bosses and content down, we take it seriously while still having fun!

Evolved Raiding Progress
Uldir: 8/8N, 8/8H, 3/8M
Battle of Dazar'alor: 9/9N, 9/9H, 3/9M
Crucible of Storms: 2/2N, 2/2H
Eternal Palace: 8/8N, 8/8H, 3/8M

Raid Schedule
Tuesday- 6-8 pm server time (PST)
Friday- 6-8 pm server time (PST) with optional hour until 9 pm
Saturday- 6-8 pm server time (PST) with optional hour until 9 pm

We are in need of healers and tanks, and dps of any class!

Open Raid (Members/Alts)
Sunday- 6-8 pm server time (PST)

For you non-raiders, we offer many activities including:
*Active Discord and Guild chat for your social amusement or distraction ;)
*Fun Discord Contests
*Guild Achievement Runs for transmog and achievement points
*Multiple PvP events each month to get your Horde slaying fix in!
*Tons of Dungeon runs including Mythic+ Key pushing as well as training for people new to mythic keys
*Twitch Streaming for those who enjoying streaming and/or watching

If this sounds like it would be a good home for you and you wish to apply or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me(Evolved's Recruitment Officer) through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 . You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)

You can visit and apply at our website and forums at:
evolvedgaming. org

Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our player’s want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community!
Affliction Warlock- Looking for casual fun guild
Returning Player LF Raiding Guild
377 Holy Priest LF heroic prog
355 Prot Warrior LF Casual Raiding group
371 Priest Healer LF New guild
Looking for weekend raiding guild
Husband and Wife Team Looking For A Chill Guild
LF Active Guild-stormrage-US
Looking for a casual active guild [A] any server
360 Holy Priest LF Active raiding Guild
382ilvl Blood DK looking for Raiding Team
[A] LF Social, Casual Guild
Ret/prot paladin LF casual heroic raiding/m+
Looking to grow and learn
LF Raiding guild, 375 outlaw rogue
377 Balance Druid LF Progression Guild
350 Aff Lock LFG Mythic+ and Raiding - Aegwynn
Holy/Disc Priest LF Guild
[H] 348 Balance Druid LF Guild
Returning player looking for home
Looking for a small, casual, social guild
Returning Player Looking for Something Substantial
Returning Warrior DPS Looking for Friday Night ET raiding guild
Friend and I returning
371 Lock looking for a guild 8/8H
Area 52 - Resto Shaman\Holy Paladin Looking for Raiding Guild
375 dps war lf guild
380 2/8 M exp Disc Priest lf a new guild to call home
(A) Hunter LF Raiding Guild
Alliance or Horde? LFG
375 DK tank LFG
Greymane, LFG, casual to mid player
367 hunter LF long term home for tides!
372 Guardian druid lf raid
370 Hunter LF Raiding Guild
AotC, 2/8M Player looking for Unicorn guild
BM Hunter looking for Uldir Raid Group
<A>LF Active fun casual/social guild
Returning player looking for guild
362 holy priest looking to raid
Frost/Arcane Mage LF Guild
(A) Hunter LF Raiding Guild
367 Enhance Shaman 8/8 n 6/8 h experience lf guild
373 BM hunter/370 WW lf raiding guild to call home
Lf either heroic guild or 2 day mythic guild
7/8h 372 Resto Shaman
362 Survival Hunter LF Raiding & Mythic Guild
Resto Druid Looking for a new home
Frost/Arcane Mage LF Guild
7/8H 2/8M BM Hunter LF Raid Guild
367 Surv Hunter [A] LF guild/Raid group
Veteran player looking for fresh start
Hunter LF heroic/mythic raiding guild
331 Warlock LFG
Group of friends lf raiding guild
369 Mage LF Raiding Guild
379 Balance Druid LF Guild 2/8M
377 Hunter (or 371 Priest) Looking for Guild
New Rogue LF Guild
Returning player LF Raiding Guild
Looking for Guild
Ilvl 365 WW Monk LFG
380+ Fulltime Alliance Raiding Couple LFGuild
[A] 385 Blood DK LFG
Looking for Guilds
3/8H Blood DK Tank LF Raid/Guild
LF a large & active casual guild
LF casual weekend raiding
[A] MW Monk lf guild for raids and M+
Looking for casual raid team
[A] returning player LF friendly relaxed social guild
Beast elemental sham LF guild
Just 3 dudes havin' a good time
LF long term home/progression guild
Returning Player LF Community [H/A]
367 Resto Druid LFGuild
Blood DK 364 LF something new
373 Frost Mage LFG
Tank/Healer looking for a home
Headed to Proudmoore Looking for Guild
364 Boomy LF Guild
3 Players looking for Guild
330ish Mage LF M+/casual raiding
Looking for a friendly guild
Returning Player Looking for a home
406 Ret Pally LFG
Fresh 120 lf Guild (Hunter/Monk MW)
Married Couple Looking For a Casual Guild - Feathermoon
367 Resto Druid LFGuild
Alliance re-roll lf casual raid guild
(A) husband and wife team LFG
Just a resto Druid looking for a guild
350 Ele Shaman LF casual / semi-casual raiding guild
Ilvl 362 Mage LF raiding
8/8H 1/8M Lock Seeking Home
360+ Lock and Shaman LF Raiding Guild
374 Resto Druid looking for semi-casual Raiding guild
DK, Warlock or Holy paladin
[A]2 DPS LF Guild
377 Affliction Lock looking for new home
DH Looking for Casual Guild
385 Mage LF Raid Group
Looking for rading guild that can get things done here
Healer looking for raiding guild
365 Fire Mage LFG for H/M BfA raiding guild
376 Guardian druid LF raiding guild home
Looking for a guild that does both PVP and raids... DK/mage
Healer Looking for Active Guild
Old school raider looking to return
359 Holy Priest looking for a raiding guild
376 Rogue LF Guild
LF LGBTQ+ friendly guild
Feral Druid looking for new home
[ A ] Resto Druid LF Night Raiding Guild
BM hunter looking for Heroic Guild
[A] Making a New Hunter on Proudmoore. LF Friends!
379 Surv/BM Hunter
Warlock looking for a Raiding group and a guild to chill with
Disc/Shadow Priest w/ geared Sham/Hunter LFG
366 H Priest LF Raiding Guild!
Spriest Returning
LF raiding guild casual
371 SV Hunter LFGuild
[A] Warlock Looking for Guild
Warlock lf casual heroic raiding guild
A returning player, LF LGBT+ friendly guild
Versatile Healer LF raiding guild
Returning Spriest LF Home
Enhancement Shaman LF Raiding Guild
LF guild for a returning player (raid/pvp)
Lonely player LF guild
Hpally Lf Raiding guild
Tank LF MT Role in New Guild
Looking for a place to belong
LF Weekend Raiding Guild
[A] Holy Priest LFG
374 DH LF Raiding Guild
Spriest checking what's out there
120 Warlock looking for guild
[A] 386 Mage seeking raiding guild
369 Warlock looking for guild
345 Mage Looking for M+/Raiding
355 BM Hunter LF Guild
🌈 Looking for a casual social Guild
409 Ret Paladin looking for new guild
383 Disc/Holy Priest LF guild
LF Friendly/Social Guild
Disc priest LF Raiding guild
370 Guardian Druid LF Raid Guild!
377 Warrior LF Guild
373 DK Tank/Dps LF Guild
Looking for Mature guild
Returning after short break LF raiding guild
[A/H] Returning Warlock Main LF New Raiding Home
367 Blood Dk/360 Elemental Shammy looking for a home
385 Ret looking for new raid team
Grizzled veteran looking for a new gig
LFG - Holy Pally - Heroics
370 Priest LF a home :)
Bm hunter lf active pve guild
New Alliance looking for guild
Delete This
New mage LF AoTC focused guild
[A] Returning player looking for new active guild
[A] 411 7/9 heroic mage LF new guild
388 MW Monk or 380 HPriest/Disc LF Raiding Guild
398 Boomkin new to raiding
LF New Server & Guild Home
Raider LF Raiding Guild
391 Vengeance DH LF semi hardcore raiding guild
Returning Tank LF raiding guild for BoD
373 Feral Druid LF Guild
375 mage LF new raiding guild! alliance only
370 Healer LF Raiding Guild
Pally looking for a team
3 Friends Looking for N/H Raiding Guild
361 Holy Priest On Sargeras LFG
[A] Looking for 2 Day Guild
Lf Raiding Guild
[A] 386 Disc/Holy Priest LF Raiding guild
[A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H 3/8M EP Looking for all classes/roles!
[H] 365 Pally Tank LF casual H raid guild
Looking for guild/pvp/raid group
380 Balance Druid - LF Semi-Casual / Heroic Raid Guild
Ret Paladin LF raid team
[A] Resto/Boomy LF 2 day raiding guild
Returning Vet LF Friendly Guild <3
Resto druid LF raiding guild
Warrior LF Guild to Raid with
398 H Priest 7/8 N 3/8 H
Nord/Muradin LF active, social raiding guild
371 Fury Warrior LF guild
College girl LF flexible Guild times
Shadow/Holy Priest LF Home
393 Blood Dk LF guild
391 Guardian Druid LF Heroic Raiding guild!
Player LF raiding/PVP Guild. Faction doesn't matter to me
386 Brewmaster Monk
402 Prot Pally LF Raiding guild
387 Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild
Restro Druid looking for a raiding guild
Rogue and hunter looking for guild/raid/pvp group
383 Ret Pally Lf a new home
[A] Warlock looking for home for Normal/Heroic
Looking for Raiding Guild
377 Havoc DH LFG
373 Fury Warrior lf progression raiding
Husband and wife looking for Alliance Guild!
LF Friday/Saturday raid guild Boomkin or Ele/Enh Shaman
LF Casual Raid Guild
Husband and wife looking for a new home
377 DH Looking for GUILD
375 Resto Shaman LF Weekend Guild
381 Fury Warrior LF Fri/Sat raiding guild
2 players looking for raid team
Returning Player looking for laid back guild to raid in
Veteran player LF guild
Old Post Please Disregard
[A] shaman will xfer
LF guild to continue raiding progress
398 Resto Shaman LF guild
Hunter LF -->WEEKEND<-- raid guild
New player
3 Old school players returning from few months off
Two friends looking for a change
LF Social guild with good players
Resto Shaman looking for a home!
393 Resto Shaman LFG
386 Resto Shaman or 388 Resto Druid LF Guild
Holy Priest - LF Raiding Guild
LF Helpful Guild
New player (ELE Shaman) LF guild to raid with
385 Prot pally LF 2 day raid guild
384 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild
[A] 400 Resto Druid - Looking for Raid Team
Spriest LFG
386 Disc Priest LF Guild!
LF Casual Guild
Returning TANK LF raiding guild
384 resto shaman LFG
394/395 Ele Shaman. looking for good raiding guild
386 Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild
BM Monk looking for guild
395 Balance Druid LF New raid guild
Looking for Semi-hardcore guild
396 Outlaw rogue lf casual AoTC guild
397 Holy Priest LF raiding guild
Returning 370 Lock LF Guild
Looking for a new raiding guild any faction [A] atm
[A] 390 Arcane M/ 399 Resto S (Dalaran)
Prot Warrior iLvl 395 Looking for guild
LF casual alliance guild
Holy Paladin
LF new guild to continue raiding
LF Guild for M+/Mythic Raiding
410 Blood DK LF Guild
LF> Beginner Friendly Guild
Healer LF Guild
[A] Duo looking for a heroic progression guild; 396 Brewmaster, 395 Resto Druid
Returning 377 Ele Sham LF Guild
[A] MW Monk LF H/M raiding guild
Returning player lf Guild
395 demo warlock lfg
397 Frost mage
New/Returning player looking for guild
379 Resto Druid Ravencrest
Returning Healer (Druid,Monk and possible paladin) Looking for a Guild to call home
398 Ele Shaman LF Fri-Sun Raid Team
395 DK 9/9H LF Raiding Home for 8.2
416 Boomkin / Resto flex
Hpally and RShaman LF active friendly guild
[A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H 3/8M EP Looking for all classes/roles!
Shaman LF Casual Raiding Guild
LF Guild PVE progression Alliance
Returning player seeking casual home
[A] LF a Guild
Rsham LF Raiding guild
Returning 380 Destro Warlock LF Semi-Hardcore raiding guild
Veteran(ish) Player looking to raid!
392 Elem Shaman LFG
(A) Shammy lf place to call home
407 Warlock LF raiding Guild
New player looking for friends!
[A] Former CE raider LF casual guild
Ele Shaman LF Casual/Social guild
390 BM Monk LF Raiding guild
Priest [383]/Druid [390] looking for casual guild
Looking for friendly/social guild
Returning Player LF Weekend Raid Guild
380 Ele Shaman looking for raiding guild
BM/MM Hunter LF Guild
Looking for a Fri/Sat raid guild
[A]Hunter/Mage LF Heroic/Normal raiding guild
Back after a unexpected break
Resto Shaman or Tank LF raid
385 paladin tank lf work
<A> LF Casual guild. Any US Server
413 mage 6/8 n
<A> LF Active Social Casual guild
Returning player
411 BM Hunter looking to raid
Two friends LF new guild
[A] Looking for guild
Veteran player LF guild
383 Ret Pally looking for a guild!
Looking for a new home
Hello, active new-ish player looking for an active guild!
Hybrid player
Looking to server transfer
400 Lock/Looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild
Looking for a guild
Healer LF Weekend Raid Guild
385 MW / WW Monk LFG
385 MW Looking for guild
LFG, Casual any day Alliance only
390 Lock LF Guild
414 WW Monk 3/9 LF Fri/Sat guild
385 Hunter LF Raid Guild
Tank and Hunter
Delete this
LF Casual Guild
LF Adult Guild
LF Weekend Raiding
401 Fury War LF Guild
DH Tank/dps and additional alts looking for home
Returning player needs a guild
392 Enhance Shammy
[A] 382 Havoc DH LFG
A 383 Balance/Resto
Lock/Druid LF raiding guild
Looking for chill guild
Mage LF Guild Home
382 resto druid lf weekend raiding guild
395 hunter lf guild to raid with
Returning player Lf raiding guild (A)
[A] Group of Players LF Guild
392 Warlock LF guild/raidteam
Returning player looking for weekday raiding guild
BM hunter looking to get back into raiding
<A> LF Casual guild to help get bk into the game
Looking for a guild
Coming back from a long break LF Guild
Returning raider looking for a raiding guild
Casual raiding and M+
[A or H] Looking for Raiding Guild (EST Time Pref)
Hunter, Paladin, Druid
408ilvl Hpal LF guild on alliance
LF Casual Weekend Raiding Guild
LF a Casual Heroic Guild
Returning Player LF a Guild
Looking for a group of friends to play with!
LF Casual Guild. Will switch if you can convince me
:cyclone: Tank & RDPS Looking for Guild
MW monk LF alliance raid team
401 Restoration Druid LF Guild
Looking for Guild
403 SPriest LF casual/semi-casual raiding guild
(H) Ret pala 406 LF heroic raiding guild
Want a home in raid and guild
412 Ele Shaman 3/9M CE in Uldir LF Mythic Guild
[A] 402 Holy Pally Looking For Larger Raiding Guild
388 Fury Warrior - Just returned, looking for Heroic Guild (A)
Casual Raiding
Founds a home
LFG Elemental Shaman
Prot/ret pally looking for home guild
Multiple Raiders looking for a group to raid with
403 Retribution paladin
385 Frost Mage Lf Heroic guild
Returning player looking for friends
No longer seeking
370 1/8 mythic resto shaman looking for guild On Area 52
Delete this post
Monk lf heroic raid guild [A]
DH 380 , Warrior 375, Rogue 375, 8/8 H 2/8 M LF Guild
Delete please :)
370 Rogue lookin for home 8/8 heroic
Horde Warrior LF Guild
Not looking anymore
Hpal LF raiding guild - Alliance
347 Demo lock looking to raid
Active 380 Resto Druid (os balance)
8/9H Guardian + Ele Shaman
Veteran player LF guild, 362 SP
No longer looking
[A] 389 Disc priest LF mythic guild
382 Resto Druid
361 Priest LF Guild
Found a Guild, Thanks everyone!
Looking for a guild
403 Blood DK Looking to join raiding guild
[a] found home thank u <3
Three DPS looking for guild
This topic no longer required
Deleted post
391 Demo Lock LF raid guild
Delete Post
393 Prot Warrior LF Guild
409 Hunter LF Guild
401 afflock LF pst raiding/m+ guild
Looking for alliance weekend raiding guild
LF for east coast raiding guild
378 Human Mage Looking for Casual Guild
[A] 2 Casual Players Looking For Guild
Healer and DPS Looking for Heroic Guild
Fresh 120 Warrior LF Raid Guild
9/9H, 2/2 Resto Shaman LF a Raiding Guild
[A] or [H] altoholic looking for an active server + guild to settle down in
Returning Hpally LF casual raiding guild
Alliance reroll?
410 [A] Rogue LF Casual Guild
Returning player looking for guild and friends
Returning player
Returning player from WotLK looking for to stay dedicated to a guild and meet new friends
Brewmaster Looking for Guild to call home
Looking for a community / raiding in 8.3
LF Heroic Raiding Guild 404il BM Hunter
Husband and Wife Looking for Guild
442 Ret looking(again)
Lf Alliance Social, Adult, Casual Guild
New Mage LF active guild
Prot warrior (A) lfg
Looking for a new Home
Returning player looking for a new home and some new friends
[A] Looking for a New Home
415 dk looking for new home
(A) Monk Tank/Heal + Shaman Healer/dps + Boomkin lf Heroic raiding
377 Mage LFG Normal/Heroic Raiding
391 Druid LF AoTC Guild
Looking for active guild community
380 Frost Mage LFG
Returning Player
Returning Player Looking for Social Guild
[A] 404 Warlock LF AOTC Guild
Ignore This
406 mage LF raid / m+
[A] Looking for Guild
Returning DK LF people to play with
Looking for weekday/weeknight raid guild
Hubby and wife LF Guild
Looking for a raiding guild
Looking for a semi-hardcore guild
Returning player LF casual home
Returning Player LF Friendly/Social Guild
403 DK LF Casual Heroic Raid Team
Two players looking to transfer
LF Guild for Mythic +
[Proudmoore] Two people LF raid guild to get back into BFA
419 lock Looking for Guild
Returning player in search of friendly, social guild
Holy/Ret Pally LF Weekend Raiding
380 Balance Druid looking for home
Two old guys looking for a new team
371 Frost mage LFG
416 Boomkin/Resto Flex
LF Guild for Dungeons and Raids
Holy Paladin LFG guild (Alliance)
414 ilvl Hunter returning from small Hiatus
US-Blood DK LF Guild
Multiple raiders looking for a guild
Rsham guild for 8.2 + expansions
BM Hunter looking for casual guild Aggramar (Alliance)
Healer LF Weekend Raidng
Holy priest or Shaman LFG
New Player LF something Casual
(Dalaran) 415 Mage LF M+/Raiding Guild
Mage LF AOTC Focused Raid Guild
414 enh shaman lf heroic guild
[A] Returning Boomkin LF guild
Raiders looking for home
Exp mage jst coming back from break
400ish Alliance Holy Priest LFG
416 Ret Paldin LF Guild
[H or A] Brit looking for a home on NA!
414 Hunter LF Raiding Guild
[A] [LFG/C] Look For Active guild or Community
Returning player looking to fill slots for a semi-casual raiding guild
Warlock and Mage looking for Heroic/Mythic raiding
401 Balance Druid LF Heroic Raiding Guild
400 Monk Looking For Raiding Guild!
Feeling lost in Game
Player looking for a guild
[A] - East Coast Community?
413 Destruction Warlock LF Raiding Guild
432 Ret +423 mage alt LF Raiding guild, 4/8H so far
Looking For a Raiding Guilde Alliance
Holy Paladin or Mistweaver LF guild
Delete this
Returning WOTLK player lookin for small social guild
Searching for guild after break
{a} Returning player lf guild
Looking for guild, newish player
Returning Player LF Guild
Returning player LF Guild
LF Active M+ and Raiding Guild!
Vengeance DH LF a home!
[?] Returning player LF guild
415 Elemental LF Guild <A>
419 DH LF Raiding Guild (A)
Returning ele shaman
LF Alliance Home
LFG Returning/New Player
Looking for regular raiding guild (tank)
LFG Resto/ele or Ele/Resto
Hunter looking for a home
[A] 414 4/8HM Boomkin LF Heroic guild
Looking for lgbtq casual friendly guild
Returning player looking for casual guild
[A]416 Frost Mage looking for raiding guild
404 Havoc DH LF Guild
427 Fury Warrior LF Raiding/M+ Guild
LF casual raiding group
426 Havoc DH LF Weekend Raid Guild
403 Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild
[H/A] Casual player looking to start anew
421 DH Veng>Havoc LF Guild
412 frost mage LF guild
423 DH (H) LF heroic raiding team
Melee dps looking for guild
Returning Player - LF Casual A or H Social Guild
LF Guild playing since vanilla
416 Mage LF raiding guild
Testing the waters 422 ilvl Elemental Shaman
Returning player LF guild for 8.3
Healer and tank looking for a guild that runs M+ keys
Returning player LF Heroic Raiding Guild
430 Hunter LF AOTC guild
Looking for a good home
Looking for Alliance casual Guild
433 frost mage
429 Resto Shaman
413 Holy Priest LFG
Casual Rogue LF new guild
Lf a guild to call home
Destruction Warlock lf casual leveling guild
Quit in 8.1, LF raiding guild to get back into game
Returning player looking for a guild!
429 Prot Pally LF Progression Guild
Resto Druid LF raid team
Looking for Guild, North America
415 resto druid LF Guild
Returning player
Brewmaster monk looking for active guild
LF Friendly Raiding Guild
Returning Player LF home
441 MW Monk lfg
LF a raiding guild
Movtivated Player LF A/H guild for 8.3
[A] New player looking to join a guild
403 Resto Druid LFG (weekends because of job new schedule)
Warlock lf Guild
437 IL boomy LF raiding Guild
Returning Ret Paladin LF Guild
LF Fun Active Guild - Any Realm
428 Guardian Druid LF Home
Looking for a reroll home
Returning Player looking for guild
Returning healer LF home
Looking For Casual Guild - Alliance
Lf active guild
Fury warrior looking for active guild
Returning older player looking for a guild
Looking for an active guild
Looking for guild
Looking for a New Home
Protection Paladin LF raid guild
Looking for casual/social guild
Looking for a Home
LF active casual guild
Looking for Active Guild
[A] Looking for family guild
Boomkin LF Raid Guild
355 Priest LF dedicated raiding guild
3/8M Holy paladin LF guild
Looking for an alliance home
423 resto/boomkin LF long term guild
Looking for new start. [A] [EST.]
Veteran player back from break
429 rogue LF raiding guild
Returning Player LF laidback guild
Searching for a guild, brand new to the game
[A] LF Friendly Guild | M+ etc
Back to WoW from a long break
LF Social Active Guild
LF Alliance Guild
433 feral druid lfg chill guild
435 Arms warrior or 437 prot looking for a active guild
Returning Spriest/Warlock
Boomkin LFG Raid Guild
Hunter LF Guild/ Item Lvl 425
Resto/Ele LF Weekend group
LF a guild
[A] Ele sham lf casual raid guild
Returning Hunter main looking for new home
LF Casual Alliance Guild
Ex heroic tank / dps looking for a home
LF Home - Horde or Alliance
430 SPriest Looking for a home!
[A] Returning player (hunter) to WoW, LF raiding guild
Returning player lf guild
434 Mage 8/8 AOTC looking for a raiding guild
Looking for guild for EST raiding
[A or H] AoTC Hunter with Druid Tank/Heals viable 2nd Main
Resto/ele sham Looking for home
Retunring player LF guild
Returning player looking for a new home
Looking for a raiding Guild
443 BM Hunter w/ 2 alts looking for Guild
LF Casual Guild
New player looking for a friendly guild!
446 Ele/resto shaman LF Guild
Returning in need of a guild
Looking for friendly home
Returning Tank Player LF Fresh Start
LF New Guild
438 Resto Druid LF guild
3 Friends LF Alliance weekend raiding
LF Guild Alliance
Holy Priest + Warlock LF Alliance AotC Guild
Looking for Guild of Friendly People
LF Home A/H (I'm not raid focused)
Warlock/dh tank looking for raiding guild
[A] returning players LF 8.3 Guild
Looking for raiding guild
[A] 9/9H Fire Mage Looking for a New Home
Returning healer looking for raid guild
LF Alliance Guild/Home for 8.3 and beyond
445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild
435 Brewmaster LF raid group and M+ group
Returning player looking for fun and helpful adult guild
LF Social/Casual guild
[A] father and son LF Raiding Guild
LF - Casual - Helpful - Friendly Guild
Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild
433 Holy Pally LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild for 8.3
[A] 423 Ret Pally Looking to Raid in 8.3
[A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H 3/8M EP Looking for all classes/roles!
LF Raiding Guild after being away
[A/H] Looking for 8.3 Raiding Guild
LF Heroic Alliance Guild
Tank LF guild
[A] LF Home
Looking for a guild
Nvm the thingy
LFG New Home
LF Guild pve
LF New Home! Willing to Transfer/Faction Change
(A) Returning Player LF M+ & Heroic Raiding
Returning player LF guild
[A] Resto Druid LF Heroic Raiding Guild
LF raiding guild- will play whatever
Anyone just play for fun?
New Player LF helpful guild
Exp'd Returning Resto Sham LF EST on a West Coast server (5:00pm-11:00pm EST)
LF Guild Spriest
370 Shadow priest LF new home
378 Mage LF Guild
365 Hunter seeks adult casual/social guild
375 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
If your 18 years or older and looking for a great starting guild that currently has 3 raiding groups (Always looking for more Range dps and Healers with offspec) then check us out.

/who Evolved

ask for an officer and ask for more information.

We are laid back Accomplished casual guild looking for more members.

Have a great day and best wishes
Great community and an awesome group of players. We also have punch and pie!
Really great place to be, raids run smooth and a fun time was had by all.
For years I've looked for a community of players that were like minded, cared about their members, and had enough on to actually experience all the content this game has to offer. I found that with this guild. Excellent leadership all around. I would recommend this guild to anyone looking for a place to call home.
I dunno we only have 3 raid groups and tons of other activities going around, we might need some more people to push 4 raid groups as well~
Been gaming in WoW with most of these people for 4+ years, best time in the game I've ever had.
I joined at the end of Nighthold - after being on and off subbed since WOD release, this guild is all I stay subbed for; solid group of good people.
Evolved has good grown-up leadership and a skilled mature player base. If you're an 'accomplished casual' endgamer who plays well with others, this guild is definitely worth looking into.
I just joined at the beginning of this expansion and everyone's pretty helpful and cool.
We managed to get our first Mythic boss of BfA down on Tuesday. Now 7/8 H and 1/8 M. Can't wait to see more bosses go down in Uldir!

Still recruiting more for our raid teams or anyone looking for a great, friendly, helpful guild to join for M+, pvp, dungeons and more!

Feel free to reach out to me through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have any questions. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)
Happy reset everyone. Hope everyone got some good loot in there chest. Make sure to get your Roll tokens. Get some mythic plus keys done for the week. Have some fun and like always if your interested in a great guild /who Evolved and ask to speak to a officer and get some more information.
Bump for fun times!
Extremely well run guild, and is everything they say it is. Feels like home, and we down content without any toxicity. Highly recommend.
Well its Friday and that gives everyone a few days off (That get weekends off) so a good time to check out our guild and /who evolved and ask for some more information.
Happy Reset Day! Hopefully everyone has a good week of awesome loot and fun times!

Still recruiting more for our 3 raid teams or just anyone looking for a fun, relaxed guild to call home!

Feel free to reach out to me through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have any questions. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)
The weekend is coming up, do you have a guild to spend time with and grow? Do you seek people to share some fun times with? Come check us out.

/who evolved and ask for an officer.

Mythic plus dungeons

Great group of people to chat with so come and ask some questions
Bumping for warlocks and healers!
Bump for H G'huun down :) Give us your locks and healers!
I joined up recently, and Evolved has been the best. It's everything I've been looking for in a guild for awhile. Raids are fun and relaxed but we still get things done, and the community of people is fantastic, welcoming, and always down to help out and just play together to have a good time. Definitely has a great community atmosphere, and it's been great making friends with these guys. Give us a shot if you're looking for a good community of people to play with!!