[A]Hunter/Mage LF Heroic/Normal raiding guild

Hi guys! My husband and I are new to the server of Proudmoore, but we’ve both been playing since classic. We’ve had tons of raiding experience, and now that we’re back into the groove of BFA, we’d love to start raiding and doing things again.

We’re looking for a guild that does a little bit of M+ and has a spot for us on their raid team. We just hit 120, so obviously we have some gear catching up to do, but we’d like to hang out with guildies while we gather what we need to make our DPS great.

We are looking for community > bosses so please let me know if you have a great group of people who are looking for two more! :smiley:

Hey Cetka,
If you’re looking for lots of fun while still being able to clear content Wrath of Time sounds like it could be a good fit for you and your husband. Our goal is to achieve AotC each raid tier while keeping raids fun. We raid Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 10pm PST. I’ll give you the link to our forum post to read over. Add us on battle.net so we can chat Sp3cK#1228, Deftig#1343, and Vondra1315#1681

Hi Cetka, Logical Journey raids 5-8pm Proudmoore server time every Tuesday and Thursday. We also have guild m+ night every Sunday at the same time.

We also have unscheduled activities happening every day during the week, and a very active discord - including games other than WoW such as League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Apex Legends.

While we’re currently working on building a roster for mythic raiding, and you indicated that you just hit 120, I’m of the mind that gear is easy to come by. The most important thing for our guild is a culture fit. So if the both of you ever wanted to come along for a raid or m+ run to see what we’re like, please reach out!

If you’re interested, contact to Charaid, our recruitment coordinator, at: Charaid#2033 (discord), and Sparkledump#1727 (bnet).


I’m in a Heroic-only raiding guild (9/9 H Dazar’alor) and we’re looking for more DPS.

We raid Fridays 6pm-9pm PST and Saturdays 9am-Noon PST. Our raid times are a bit odd, but if they work for you, we’d love to chat. You can reach me at Rissy#1444(bnet) or find out more at gmihguild. com.

Good luck on the guild hunt!

Are you interested in joining a multi gaming community that plays more then World of Warcraft? Offers much more then just come on and PvE or PvP types of gaming? Looking for lots of different members over lots of different games?

Well come and check out Evolved

In the World of Warcraft Alliance side of things on proudmoore we can offer

Leveling, Questing and Dungeons
Lots of members are always making new toons and leveling through questing and dungeons. Some times thats all they do and thats perfect. We want Evolved to be a place where you come and play with lots of different types of WoW players.

We have some Open world PvP as well as some Battle Grounds that go on through out the week. War mode Wednesday is always a big hit around here.

Mythic Plus
Looking to challenge your self with some higher end Dungeons through the mythic plus system. We have lots of great people that do this all the time… Getting plus 10 keys for our members through out the week. Also always willing to help out and teach you the ins and outs of a dungeons. All you have to do is ask

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 8pm PST with an optional extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays. We also have 2 different raid groups and working towards having a 3rd with our help.

Currently looking for Tanks, Healers and DPS

Note: Keep in mind if we do have a night where we have too many Tanks or Healers you might be asked to switch to DPS or sit.

We also have an Open raid for all members of Evolved. This is where we take a small step back and give back to our community to the members that dont like to do progression style raiding. This all happens on Sundays around 5pm pst.

Need More Info
Feel free and message our recruitment officer if you have any questions at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 or our recruitment assistant Kithain BNet Kithain#11187 or Discord Kithain#9751. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer.

You can also check out evolvedgaming .org for more information!

We also have a Horde sister guild on Area 52, Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV, Atlas, and various other shooter games such as Apex Legends, Anthem, Overwatch and more! If you enjoy playing different games and staying with the same community, Evolved might be the perfect home for you!!!

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Hey Cetka!

Chaotic Neutral just moved from a low pop Alliance server to Proudmoore to fill out our raiding team and are looking for DPS! We are laid back and strive to get content down while still having the most amount of fun possible. We achieve AotC and raid achievements, and then dip into Mythic for fun. We’ve been raiding together for a while, and what keeps us playing is our goofy raid nights.

We also have a lot of alts and are always willing to help gear up, we can help you get raid ready in no time!

We raid Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM server, and are doing mythic pluses almost every day. Most of us are active on weeknights and weekends.

Add me on battle.net for more info!


Hey there Cetka!
Come check us out; we have a friendly guild and lots of raid teams. My team is recruiting; here is the link to what we are looking for!

Hi Cetka, we have a couple of husband and wife raiders in our guild. We are looking for a mage but we can always use a hunter as well. :slight_smile:

We are a guild of raiders that enjoy a more laid back Normal & Heroic style of raiding with AoTC as our goal. However that being said we have also done Mythic Champions of light a few times now. When it comes time to raid we all log on knowing it’s going to be 3 hours of laughter, joke telling and killing bosses for loot with all of us working together on new bosses. Everyone works hard to learn the new strats and to play their toons to the best of their abilities. The age of members range from 20’s to mid 40’s in the guild so you will not find a PG rating in this guild. Although we keep things respectful we do have some sarcastic and funny people in here.

We are asking recruits to be a min ilvl 385 this will help us progress through the raids with a lot less carrying. If you do not meet these requirements you must be willing to run heroics/mythic+ on off nights to get yourself there. Many of us are running mythic+ keys on off nights and aim to push for higher keys with a minimum of a mythic+ 8, although many of our raiders are doing 11, 12 and 13 keys.

We ALL remember what it was like to log on to your second home back in vanilla and BC. You looked forward to talking with your friends and logged on the game to see what was new, this is what we have here. We want people to have a great sense of humor and not take things to seriously. We do not accept any elitist attitudes or people that cause drama. This guild is about having fun with a great group of people!!

Active Discord : Afternoon to Evening
We use Discord to interview new recruits to see if we are a good fit.

Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday 6PM to 9PM PST - 8PM to 11PM CST - 9PM to 12PM EST. 9/9N 6/9 H 1/9 M

High Priority Recruitment list:

Mist Weaver Monk
DK dps (with a tank spec is a plus)
Warrior dps ( with a tank spec is a plus)

We will also consider anyone who is interested and looking to join our family.

Expectations :
Attendance: We ask for all raiders to be on time and ready for every raid day unless personal issues come up. Real life always comes before anything in-game. However, you must inform us on Discord forums or contact an officer in-game at least an hour before raid.

A Sense of Humor: Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time. However, we all know our limits and what has gone too far. It should also be noted that this guild is not a PG-13 environment and mature language will be used often.

Raid Basics: Players must have great raid awareness as well as have knowledge of the class and role they are bringing into the raid. Raiders must the requested raid addons and work on their gear to keep it up to date with our current raid content, but mainly enjoy the toon they play.

WE look forward to talking to you…We’ll leave the lights on, come on HOME.

Battle tags :
GM = Icywidow#1279
Recruitment Officer = RavenSoul#11849