Disc/Shadow Priest w/ geared Sham/Hunter LFG

Hey there, this is my Shaman that I’ve been playing throughout BFA so far and I achieved 4/8 mythic on my Priest. I’m looking for a guild that works for a 12 hour shift worker and is working to progress Heroic/Mythic for BfD.

My preferred raid start times would be 8-9PM PST as my shift lets out at 7:30PM. I’m totally willing to swap mains between Disc, Shadow, Holy, RSham, Ele Sham, or Hunter. I’ve got all at 368+. My Shaman is Ionas (Proudmoore) and Juxt (Proudmoore) is my Hunter. Please feel free to add me on battlenet at redux32#1356 and chat me up in-game!


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Hi Ionas, Mistakes Were Made is looking for a range dps (and a healing offspec is nice but not required). We are currently 3/8M and raid on M/W/Thu between 10pm to 1230am pst. If you are interested, please take a look at

Or contact me directly at bnet NoSoulStones #1778 or discord Kickedpuppy#2561