🌈 Looking for a casual social Guild

Discord:VegasKid#7374 Looking for a new Home Horde or Ally on any server
looking for a casual Guild that is super sociable and does some casual Raiding. I play mostly DPS classes so let me know what you guys need. I will level it

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Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you

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Depending on what class you’re interested in we would love to talk. :slight_smile:

We would definitely be interested in having you join us and based on your post I think our guild could be a good fit for you! We are a newer guild looking to recruit all for a more casual, social, and semi-hardcore progression focused guild. We are currently recruiting to finalize our core raiding team and prepare for patch 8.1 raiding. I’ve included a quick guild summary below for your convenience. Add my btag if you’re interested in chatting further. :slight_smile:
<Estratovus> is an Alliance guild on Sargeras (US) that runs in a more semi-hardcore/casual environment with a focus on obtaining AOTC every tier. Even though we play on the more “casual” basis we do play to succeed and our goal is to push relevant content as it becomes available.

Guild Highlights:
• Semi-Hardcore Raiding – we may not push competitively for top 100 or server firsts but we do aim to push relevant content with a focus on AOTC each tier
• Alt-Raiding, Dungeons/M+, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social
• Adult/mature guild (21+) - most of us are working adults and we get life happens
• A more casual, friendly, professional (no yelling at each other), and welcoming environment
• Returning or new player(s) friendly
• Inclusive “All Are Welcome” Policy - LGBTQ+ friendly
• Competent raiders and players to push M+ with – although we are welcoming to everyone, we do expect baseline capabilities to include someone in our core raiding team. Rest assured we login to DOWN bosses even as a more casual guild.
Raid Times:
• Wednesday from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Saturday from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Sunday from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Central/Server Time (As Scheduled/Alt Night)

• First Official Run: October 27, 2018 - Though we lack official progress in Uldir we are working on finalizing our raid team with the intent of hitting 8.1 raids for a solid AOTC clear.
• Uldir - Normal: 8/8
• Uldir - Heroic: 4/8 - First run November 24, 2018
• Uldir - Mythic: 0/8
• We need YOU to help us push AOTC in 8.1!
Recruitment Needs:
As a newer guild we are currently in the process of finalizing our raiding core with the intention of hitting the ground running once the patch 8.1 raids hit live. With that said we do currently have some flexibility if you are interested in switching mains or if you have friends that may be interested in also joining you.

A (H) next to a class or role means we currently have a high recruitment need.

TANK: Closed - our second tank is willing to go DPS for the right tank replacement (i.e. near 100% attendance, raid leading able, and raid ready)




RANGE DPS: Druid(H), Hunter, Mage(H), Priest(H), Shaman(H), Warlock(H)


• Any players who are interested in casual/fill-in raiding or just need a guild to call home. Willing to help new or returning players.

If you’re interested at all feel free to contact Kotipelto#1337.

You can also apply directly on our guild website here: estratovus.enjin.com

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!

Would love some more lifeblood in the guild ! We are most likely downing mythic zek but always willing to snag a mythic-skilled raider and someone to do rbgs, mythic+ and other content as well with. We are 2/8 m and 8/8h. My bnet is Gigataur#1531. We raid tues/weds 7-10 est and we are Cho’gall horde.

Best of luck in your search!

Hey there Vegas!

We think Guildy as Charged (Ravencrest - Alliance) might be a good fit for you! We are a casual guild that focuses more on an enjoyable raid than hard-core progress. We are comprised mostly of close friends met both online and in real life and we’re a close team because of it. We raid two nights a week at 5pm CST on Friday and 2pm CST on Saturday. We are currently 8/8 normal and 3/8 heroic, it’s our goal to slowly work through heroic in time. When we aren’t raiding we do a lot of mythics, low character levelling and legacy/mount runs as a team. We’d be looking for a dps class and are happy to help you gear/level if that’s what you need!

Our guild is mostly run through discord so I ask that if you were to join you’d join our discord too. I tried finding you there but it didn’t seem to work.

Feel free to message me on bnet at ArtyWolf#1209 or message my co GM at Reyene#1683.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Vegas!

Idk if you’re still looking for a guild or not… but The Anti Drama Society on Proudmoore could very well be what you’re looking for and what you’ve been missing out on!

Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

There isn’t anything in there about raiding I realize, I need to add more stuff to it later… when I get to chat with the GM and other Officers… but yes, we DO plan to raid… we just want to do it CASUALLY :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please MSG me! I’d LOVE to chat!

Hello! My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. We run multiple raid groups, so plenty of room for you! Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around. :smiley: We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable! We do all kinds of things besides raiding such as M+, arena, world pvp, dungeons, etc. We just like having fun together :smiley: We have a very active Discord and members online through out the day/week, not just raid times. We do have a raid team that is more casual in nature and might work well for you. :slight_smile:

We raid Tues/Fri/Sat from 9-11 pm EST with an optional hour on Fri/Saturday. Evolved is an Alliance guild on the Proudmoore server.

You can read more at:

You can contact me at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have more questions!

I wish you luck in the guild hunt! Finding the right group makes a huge difference! :smiley:

Hey there! Vae Victus is currently recruiting players like you! We are a Horde guild located on US server Mal’Ganis. We are a super sociable, friendly guild. Raid/Dungeon times are negotiable, because we understand that people have lives outside of the game.

Here is a link to our recruitment post for a little more information: Vae Victus Recruiting

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact anyone of the officers or the GM! We look forward to hearing from you!