[A] LF Social, Casual Guild

Hello Proudmoore Guilds!

As the title suggests I’m looking for a social, casual guild for myself and one other. Neither of us are interested in raiding, mythic plus or doing rated PvP on a regular basis. We are both mostly achievement hunters, who sometimes enjoy doing dungeons and random BGs. Having a healthy player base that likes to do random content or participates in silly events (whole guild creating level one gnomes and running to Org for example) or having goofy conversations is a big plus.

If your guild fits this criteria, let me know how to get into contact with you! If not, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Evolved is a Alliance guild on Proudmoore (US) that was initially created in late 2018 for BFA to provide a more relaxed and fun experience for our Members. Some of its members have been gaming together for 5 Years.

NO you dont have to be a raider to join our guild. We offer alot more then just raiding. We offer Dungeons… PvP through Open world and RBG… We offer Social gamers that just level up there toons and Achievement hunt.

Being a multi gaming community we also offer other games we play as well such as WoW Horde (Area 52), ESO, Atlas, FF14, Overwatch, Call of Duty, as well as other titles.

Our intent of clearing relevant content in an Accomplished Casual, relaxed, and fun environment. Even though we raid in a more relaxed atmosphere we do login to succeed and we expect our raiders to be able to meet baseline performance requirements.

Guild Highlights:
• Accomplished Casual Raiding – We may not push competitively for top 100 or server firsts but we do aim to push relevant content with a focus on AOTC each tier.
• Alt-Raiding, Dungeons/M+ Keys, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social.
• Adult/Mature Guild (18+) - Most of us are working adults and we get life happens.
• A more casual, friendly, professional (no yelling at each other), and welcoming environment.
Inclusive “All Are Welcome” Policy - LGBTQ+ friendly.

Raid Times:
• Tuesday (6pm - 8pm PST)
• Friday (6pm - 8pm PST)
• Saturday (6pm - 8pm PST)

We also provide a open raid on Sundays for all members to attend to get a peek at the raiding if they so choose.

• Uldir: Normal: 8/8 - Heroic 8/8 - AOTC - Mythic 3/8
• Battle of Dazar’alor: Normal: 0/9 - Heroic 0/9 - Mythic 0/9
• We need YOU to help us push AOTC in Battle of Dazar’alor!

If you’re interested in learning more please check visit our website at https:// evolvedgaming. org/ or do a /who evolved in game and ask for an officer.

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!


Are you still looking for a guild? We are Dynamic Duo an Alliance guild on Proudmoore. Most of us are older gamers and we have been around since 2007, we are very casual players, not raiding at the moment but we run dungeons etc etc. for more info you can get in touch with me at btag flossed#6737. See yah ingame cheers…Gazi

Hey Incánus!

This is the first post I’ve seen here from someone looking for an actual social/casual guild since they changed the forums! LOL! I’m glad I found yours and am getting the chance to promote our guild, The Anti Drama Society, here on Proudmoore-Alliance! :slight_smile:

We are an LGBTQ+ guild, been around for awhile, me, personally, I’ve been a member since roughly sometime in 2016… I freaking love this guild. And I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to recruit you, lol. I’m saying that because we are all so loveable. Hah. My co-gm/the founder, he does “Trade Chat Trivia” nights. Sometimes trade boo’s him, but there are other members of trade chat that absolutely LOVES it! IDK how he can command the attention of the people like that?! You know? I was so impressed with it when I came to this server that I just HAD TO JOIN!! Now here I am! :smiley:

Here’s what we can offer you and your friend… (and nah, you don’t have to raid! I sure don’t!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon! PLEASE! MSG me if you have ANY Q’s at all! :wink: My info:
B.TAG: MING#13743

Thank you, and have a great day!
<3 / Minglai