Common Technical Issues and Solutions


Greetings all,

We’ve been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. We wanted to have a go-to resource for some of the most common technical issues you can experience in Blizzard games. Each of the following posts goes over a different type of technical problem and links to troubleshooting resources. If you continue to have problems after using our technical support articles, check the last post for how to receive more help.

Before Troubleshooting the problem, we suggest checking our Known Issues sticky thread. We try to keep this as up to date as possible with known conflicts, so you may save yourself some time with this!

Technical Resources

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You can browse our Known Technical Support Issues sticky for other common contact causes.

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Whats happening with disconnections lately?
[Nov/Dec 2018] Canada - Mid Match Latency Spikes
Kicked out during a competitive game, your servers are messed up

What to do if you need more help

Technical issues can be very frustrating to try to diagnose on your own. Fortunately we have both a helpful community and support staff who can help locate the problem with you. If you prefer to troubleshoot with the community/blue posters and see if anybody else is having similar issues, start a thread with this information:

For all technical issues:

  1. Create a text copy of your DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. You’ll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post, and put four Tilde (~) marks above the DXDiag. It’ll look like this:
DXDiag goes here
  1. A list of any troubleshooting you’ve performed already.
  2. A description of what you’re doing when the problems happen, any error messages received, and what it ‘looks like’ to you when it happens.

Connection, Installation, or Voice Chat problems include this as well:

  • Some WinMTR tests to the Overwatch server you’re playing on. If you can’t log into the game, you can use the generic overwatch login server IP for your region. Otherwise, run these tests while the problem is actively happening. If you catch a disconnection or latency issue with the test, it will make it easier for us to find the problem.

Voice Chat Issues Only:

  • Overwatch stores voice chat problems in an error log file. To create the log, go into the game until you experience a voice chat issue and finish that game. Once the game is over, log out immediately and gather your voice chat log.

Note that not all threads may receive a reply from support staff. If you need immediate one on one help from a Game Master, you can submit a ticket, live chat, or callback request. When submitting the ticket, make sure to include all of the above information as well as a copy of an MSInfo file for the quickest help. Please do not attach full MSInfo files to your forum posts.

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Game freezes, ends in open screen saying "lost connection to game servers" / no sound?

Why am I only having problems with Blizzard games?

There is always the possibility that there is a server issue, but we try to post about these problems on the Breaking News bar on our site, the Blizzard Application, and in game. We also update our BlizzardCS Twitter as soon as we can when we see server issues. If you suspect this is the problem, check those locations first before trying troubleshooting.

If there are no problems, corrupt data in your game files can cause technical issues. Certain programs may be incompatible with our games and fight for control of your drivers or computer hardware.

If you’re having connection problems, everything you connect to has a different IP address. It’s very likely that you take a different path through the internet to connect to our servers. Comparing even two different games or services isn’t very useful because of this. When we suspect this type of problem, we’ll ask for connection tests so we can try to find out where the problem is.

Please fix the servers. (just a rant)
Is anyone else having server issues?
Latency issues STILL Canada East (Bell)

Why do I receive a leaver penalty when I have a technical problem, or when the servers go down?

Any time you leave a match for any reason, you affect up to 5 other people’s chance at winning. There are also potentials for abuse of the matchmaking system like queue dodging or unfairly preventing loss of rating. For these reasons, we tend to be a bit harsh on this. You can check out this post by Jeff Kaplan for more information.

Regarding server issues, these do happen sometimes, and we understand that they are frustrating. However, they are also rare. The system allows you to regain rank no matter your number of losses, so these problems should not have large effects on your rating. If you do regularly have what seem to be server problems, you’re more likely looking at a connection issue and should troubleshoot it.

Please note that Customer Support does not restore lost skill rating or remove penalties when something like this happens. If you are having technical issues, please troubleshoot them to avoid penalties in the future and improve your game experience.


I have a high-speed connection and my speed test looks fine, so why is my latency so high?

Connection speed tests measure bandwidth, which is different from latency.

  • Bandwidth is how much data can possibly be downloaded and uploaded every second.
  • Latency is how quickly you receive information from a specific location.

Latency can be different even between different games of the same company. More information on why this is can be found here. When you have high latency to a specific service, you still could possibly receive as much data as advertised, but there’s something delaying the flow of that information. When we investigate high latency, we run tests to find out why you are getting your information slowly from our specific servers.

I'm still disconnecting after 2 mins

Why do you suggest that I update or remove software when they were working with the game previously?

Other programs can have conflicting interactions with our applications, windows, or your drivers.

Updates to our applications, security programs, or other third party programs can cause the programs to fight with each other. A security program may suddenly mistake our games as a threat. Other programs may fight us for certain drivers or windows functions, which can negatively impact your gameplay.

Our goal is to help you play the game. If you do find a program causing a conflict, try updating or reinstalling that program. If it doesn’t fix the problem, contact the program’s support team. They can usually help you configure the program, or contact their developers who can fix the incompatibility.


Why can I stream or download from other sites without issues but have problems in Blizzard games?

Streaming services have the ability to buffer information. This means that they give your computer data before you see it, often 30 seconds or even minutes before you need to look at it. Online games on a 'live server’ need to send and receive data immediately so that you can react to it immediately.

A direct download can be interrupted by a connection issue, then pick back up when your connection returns to normal. Our games will try to do this, but if you disconnect for too long, you will be fully dropped from the servers.

Keep in mind that anything that takes up bandwidth can cause game connection issues or make them worse. We suggest playing with as few other applications running as possible for the best experience.

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Why do I need to swap to Ethernet when my WiFi works for other things?

WiFi is less stable than a wired connection directly to your router or modem. Many things interfere with WiFi, like physical barriers (walls, glass, etc), other types of waves (microwaves, etc), damage to the hardware (USB Ports or wifi antenna), or computer power issues. The easiest way to see if your WiFi devices are the problem is connecting directly to your modem or router via Ethernet. Note that we do not directly support wireless connections. If you find that WiFi is the problem, you can contact the support team for the WiFi device or the wireless router.


Why is my entire internet crashing when I disconnect from Blizzard games?

When your internet goes down, regardless of the trigger, it means that your network drivers or network hardware crashed. If you have this sort of problem, focus on things like:

*Note: We do not support play on mobile internet connections. However if this works, it indicates the issue is likely with the modem, router, or ISP.

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