Internet Shuts off for 30 seconds in Comp only

my internet connection seems to shut off randomly if i play competitive.
I was kicked out 4 times in the last 3 days cus my internet just shuts off for a moment and then comes back in 30 seconds or so. No real pattern it just seem to shut off completely. Cant even use google.

I join QP for a few games before playing comp to make sure my connection isn’t having issues. It seems fine until i join competitive. This is a huge problem because i already got a 7 day suspension from being kicked out. trying to test possible solutions is extremely risky. i don’t want to get suspended for even longer period or get banned. i just want a way to reliably play.
note: some times i use VPN. Its always off when im playing though. Im also in the middle east so best ms is at 140.

More info here:

If you experience further issues after following the above tips, please reach out on the EU Tech Support forum to discuss things happening in that region, or follow/interact with the BlizzardCS EU Twitter.