Overwatch continues to Kill my internet

This issue has been happening for over a year in overwatch not just for me, but for many others and it is frustrating there are no solutions to this anywhere. Just by playing the game it disconnects me from the internet entirely; not just a disconnect in game but it crashes my internet connection. It immediately tries to reconnect but once the disconnects start happening it is harder to stay connected.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both overwatch and battlenet in its entirety. I scanned and repaired files. I port forwarded, even though my firewall allows all ports for these applications. I disabled my antivirus. None of this has fixed the issue.

Absolutely no other game I have ever played on PC or other consoles have disconnected my internet connection. Only overwatch effects it in this way.

I am running windows 7 64-bit, with comcast xfinity internet via an xFi Advanced gateway modem, wired connection, with 300-400mbps download speed.

I was certain I made a tech support post on this issue before and submitted those network diagnostic tools or whatever to the post but I cannot find that anymore and obviously it did not fix the issue. If you require me to resubmit information of this sort please provide instruction on how to do so as I forget how.

I would like to find a resolve for this issue not only for me, but for everyone else that has their entire internet shut off just by playing overwatch.


This is not an issue with the Overwatch client itself, but rather a configuration issue with your internet or modem. The staff has a thread with support information for this type of issue pinned at the top of this forum:

Most games don’t require the 60+ packets per second that Overwatch does, so it might be overloading part of your network.

You mentioned opening a ticket in a thread you made in the #competitive-discussion forum, but I didn’t spot any previous #technical-support threads on the account you’re posting from.

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