Keep losing connection to OW

My internet is fine so I don’t understand why I keep getting kicked out and having random ping spikes.
I would use Battle(.)net Looking Glass but for some reason I am not allowed to post sites…so now I’m lost. My fan is clean and my computer is all updated, cleaned out my computer so I have no idea what to do now.

Maybe read this ?

Thank you, I know it can’t be a bandwidth issue because my roommate is not around whenever I play games. She usually downloads a lot of her shows online but she never downloads them when she is out, she normally does them when she gets home. I unno it’s strange. It could also be because I live in a very old apartment.

Try doing the things in this article.

Do one of these instead:

WinMTR instructions (click to expand/collapse)

Follow the support documentation for WinMTR. If you’re unable to get into a game for the IP address, then use an IP from the table provided on that page that matches your region. Run the test until you encounter the issue again, or for at least 10 minutes.

Share your results in a reply:

  1. Click the “Copy Text to clipboard” button after you’ve finished the test per the instructions.
  2. Paste the text in a reply, then highlight the pasted text and click </> on the post editor.
  3. Break any links by adding a space before .com, .net, etc.