Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021

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We’ll be using this forum thread to track known technical support issues, like conflicts which cause performance errors, crashes, and connection problems. Check out the list below, and give these steps a try before creating a new topic! Additionally, more bug-related issues can be found in the Bug Report Forum’s Known Issues List.





Voice Chat

If these resources do not help with your technical issue, check our technical troubleshooting sticky for more help.

Multiple Crashing
GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)
Can't launch ptr overwatch
Crashing and lagging in loadingscreens
Overwatch not running well on ROG Gaming Laptop
Game keeps crashing
OW Wont Launch from Launcher, Ironic
Stuck in entering game
Frames suddenly dropped from 200fps to 60 fps app/launcher goes straight to error
Cannot enter game
My game keeps freezing
Black Screen Still
Common Technical Issues and Solutions
Microstutter/Hitch and Lower FPS for a Week
Rendering device lost, only happens in OW
Low FPS after Busan Update
Constant crashing
First crash in 2 years pog
Fps really low, pls help
Computer shuts down when loading maps in competitive
Application has been blocked from accessing graphic hardware
Blizzard Launcher totally black
Studdering and getting kicked from the game
Game just shows black screen upon opening
FPS capped at 59 frames with jittering
Game crashes by itself at random
Unfair SR drops after crash
Error crashes game
Crash on Launch
Removing leaver penalties in specific cases
Random crashing and disconnects
Game randomly black screening and crashing
I keep getting dropped frames and don't know why
Across a Fair Number of Years and Multiple Hardware and Software Configurations, Fullscreen Alt+Tab Still Regularly Hangs Overwatch on PC
Overwatch not opening
Random Crashes Mid-game
The leaver penalty system is broken
The application encountered an unexpected error
Loading screen loop
Overwatch Keeps Crashing, Lagging Heavily in a Match
Game completely freezes after a match
Game crashing again
Crash every few games, every day no matter what
Crashing during the game saying graphics card disconnected (Log post)
I need to know if i have the choice to appeal a suspension
Overwatch crashed in graphic drivers Code:8B8AB110-3E48-4B4A-A247-324E45E18F6A
Overwatch crashes
Overwatch hard crashing computer
Game will Launch then close itself
Crash at Hero Select Screen
Constant crashing and I'm not sure what the cause is
Rendering device lost
Game only at 15 fps since the update
Overwatch crash randomly
Game keeps on crashing for no reason
Game crashes for no apparent reason
I can't reply in my OG thread because I deleted my 1st reply and no one has replied (Render Device Lost)
Technical Support subforum isn't "updated"
Dissappear HUD 2CP Ashe

TV Displays Cutting Off Borders

Some televisions have unsupported resolutions or aspect ratios that cause Overwatch to display incorrectly. Please try changing your TV’s display resolution and matching it with a supported in-game resolution from the Overwatch Graphic Settings menu. Additionally, you can use your TV’s Auto Adjust feature to try and resolve display issues.

Surround Sound Issue/Logitech Headsets - I Only Hear Sound Out of One Ear in My Headphones

Dolby Atmos is designed for use stereo headphones, but some modern headsets attempt to simulate surround using their own software which can result in various conflicting behaviors. Try disabling supplementary audio software utilities. If the issue persists, also try updating your drivers for your audio device.

Additionally, G633 Headsets that are running with 8.82 Logitech Gaming Software or older will experience this issue. Please update to the most recent version to resolve this issue.

Black Screen Crashes Due to Razer Chroma Software

We’ve received a number of recent reports of crashes with recent builds of Razer Chroma SDK. Razer has been working on the problem for a while, and it appears to have been fixed with Razer Synapse 3. Below are steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Attach your Chroma compatible device and install Razer Synapse 3. If you no longer have your Chroma device, follow the manual installation steps below and Contact Razer if this does not work.
  2. If you still have issues, open your Razer Synapse 3 appication, go to the Modules tab, and install Chroma Connect.
  3. Restart the Razer App
  4. Go to the Connect tab, locate Overwatch.exe and toggle the Enable this App switch to the off position.
  5. Retest the game.

If that doesn’t work, uninstall your current build of Razer Chroma SDK Core Components.++ Instructions are under the header for The Chroma SDK supported games and applications aren’t showing any Chroma effects. How do I fix it? Be advised that you need to restart your PC after removing the application. If you do not have this installed, please contact Razer for help or follow the manual installation steps below.

It is possible that some modules were left behind during the uninstallation process for your Razer Synapse. Make sure that these files are no longer on the computer. If they still exist and you are unable to delete them manually, contact Razer for help.


Manual Chroma Installation Steps
If you cannot install Razer Chroma SDK Core Components because you no longer have your device or run into an error, install it from this link. Under step 1, the second hyperlink will download the installer.

If these crashes persist, please create your own thread or contact our support team directly for more help. When doing this, please ensure that you list all steps you’ve tried to troubleshoot your crash, and link this thread if you have followed the steps above.

Black screen then crash on launch
Launch-->Black Screen--Back to Launch. Help!
My Overwatch is not starting. Why?
Blackscreen and general error after startup. (DxDiag included)
My computer can't run overwatch
Game blackscreen than close by itself
Game closes with no crash report
Game crashing after 5 minutes of play
Lots of random crashes - can barely finish a match
Crashing on launch "application stopped working"
Randomly Crashes Midgame
Overwatch constantly crashing
Mouse stuttering
20 FPS on a 1070 max q
Overwatch closes after 5 seconds of opening
"Your rendering device has been lost"
Low fps with a decent setup in overwatch
Crashing from Nvidia Graphics Card
Game is running, No overwatch :(
Can't open the game anymore
Black screen crash, nothing will work
Game Doesn't Launch
Black screen issue
Cant start the game
Game crashes when i click Play
My Overwatch Doesn't Seem to Work
Overwatch keeps crashing after trying everything and morepl
Game Won't Stop Crashing
Game keeps losing rendering device and crashing
Game prevents me from moving, black screens and map reloads
Overwatch shuts down entire PC :/
Rendering Application Lost. Please Help
Does the latest nvidia driver have a problem in overwatch?
Unable to launch ow
Overwatch not launching correctly
Game crashing on startup
Overwatch won't Launch
Overwatch Crashing Immediately After Starting
Overwatch Crashing Entire PC
FPS drops for the past 48 hours
Crashing on startup
Unplayable, help
Since the event update I've been having strangely fluctuating FPS
Screen goes black randomly during match
Game Crash on launch
Can't open game
Stuttering in game
FPS critically low after update
Strange Fps Problems i Need Help ASAP
12-20 frames when playing
Frequent FPS drops in the game
Unpredictable fall of fps
Really low frames during the first 5-10 games (estimate)
Mic not working in overwatch, fine everywhere else
Very fun crashing simulator
Game crashing as soon as it starts
Game Crash on launch
"Game is Running" opens, then crashes
Only Overwatch freezing
Cannot load/open the game
"Game is already running" and sometimes black screen
Rendering device has been lost
Game started crashing suddenly?
Overwatch closing on launch
Cannot Open Overwatch
Can't launch game
Random crashes, somewhat often
Constant crashing while playing overwatch
FPS drops in Games
"Your rendering device has been lost" led to a wrongful placement loss
Game launch problem
Your rendering device has been lost!
I cant launch the game
Overwatch wont start after update
Game won't launch after yesterday's update
Frozen Display Now Black Screen When Starting
FPS drops in Games
Tythen - Crashes
BIG bug of login
Black screen after clicking "play" button
Can't launch game
My game won't open after replay update
Game won't launch
Rendering device lost or not responding
How do I shut off Razer Chroma lighting effects in OW?
Moved Client to D drive (HDD) now it won't start?
My Overwatch is not loading, every time I open Overwatch, it says an application caused Overwatch to stop working correctly or something like that
Overwatch Crashes shortly after opening
Overwatch launches then closes Immidietly
Game crashes when started i have nvidia GC
Overwatch not launching
Game constantly crashing with no results
Random Crashing
Game instantly closes itself right after I launch it
Game wont run need help
Cant Start Game
Crash on Launch (Black Screen)
Game doesn't launch
Game launches into a black screen
Game keeps crashing when i open it
Game not launching
Game won't launch, 2 second black screen before it crashes
Can't play crashing
Game crashes on launch
Overwatch crash on startup
Game crashes at launching
Azu - crash on launch
Overwatch - Black screen crash
Game didn't load and I got kicked for inactivity
Synapse 3 also causing overwatch launch crash
Cannot launch the game, details inside
Overwatch Crash On Startup
Game crashes at startup
Robokun - Black Screen Crash
Game Crashing At Launch
Can wont launch
ReVeRzi - Crashing on Startup
Game crashing on "play"
I can't launch the game
Game crashes immediately on startup
Nerdygamer1 - Game Doesn't Launch
Also having the game crash after clicking Play
Latest patch causing PC crash
Game won't start
Game Crashing Immediately
MrBahoma - Black Screen on Startup
GAME DOESN’T START *Who can fixed *
Crash at start of the game
I cannot run the game completely after the update
Overwatch not launching
Game crashes off of start to a black screen then back to my battle net app
Voice Chat works sometimes and sometimes not
Computer hard crashes since 1.42
Black Screen on Launch
Crashing during loading
Black screen on enter match
Overwatch Black screen to instant crash
SR lost and suspended for servers shutting down
Hougarh - Crashes
Overwatch Launch Issue
Maxinator's Crash issue
Game instantly closes on launch
Overwatch Won't launch pls help!
Can't lunch overwatch!
Joe - Can't launch overwatch
Overwatch wont launch
Game closing on Launch
Overwatch opens a black screen then closes immediately
Neogolanthas - Black Screen
Black screen then crash!
Rendering Device Lost with Intel HD 630
Sudden fps drop
Overwatch crash on game start because of driver
Cant launch overwatch
Overwatch crash on game start because of driver
Crash Blizzard error
Game crashes upon launch
"Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver" pop-up
Random game crashes only happening in overwatch. Ticket system broken
Rendering Device has been lost
Having issues trying to start up the game entirely
Overwatch is so laggy on new pc but not with other games?
When I launch OW it shows a black screen and then crashes
Overwatch launches, opens, then closes
Game Crashes Randomly
Crash Blizzard error
I can't launch the game
Super unstable since December 1st
Crash when clicking Play on the launcher
Overwatch black screen crash on launch
Abandonation - Crash on Startup
Black screen, cursor stuck, loud buzzing noise, PC freezing
Black screen then suspended
Overwatch no longer launching
Nuke - Crashing issues
Game crashing on play when using client
Crashing as soon as i launch
I can't fix my microphone and I've tried everything
Rendering device lost
ShudTheBlub - Crashes on Launch
Crashing after Ashe Mardi Gras update (3-4 min like clockwork)
Random FPS drop after the client has been opened for a while
Fps issues in overwatch cant get over 45 50 fps
Overwatch crashing on AMD
Application has stopped working
I cannot open overwatch
Game crashing on launch
Unable to launch the game
Game crashes on start up?
Having the same Insta-Crash problem as alot of people apparently are having
Overwatch goes black when launching game help!
Big problem with FPS drops
Rendering device has been lost
Black screen crash
Game Start and Crash
Stuttering like crazy on PC for a while now
Ow crash blacksreen
Overwatch failing launch
Game Start and Crash
Game crashes at launch everytime
Overwatch Won't Launch (Tried everything)
Rtx 2080 amazing build with low fps and fps drops often
Game Crashes on startup
Frame drops for some reason
Black Screen At Launch
"Game is running..." But Overwatch NEVER Launches
Game crashes at start up
I lose the control of my mouse and keyboard when playing OW
Black screen and back to desktop!
Launch goes to black screen
Overwatch won't launch
Overwatch refuses to start/closes itself on startup
Overwatch refuses to start/closes itself on startup
Overwatch Won't Launch (Tried everything)
The Game Crashes On Startup
Overwatch doesn't launch
Can't Open Overwatch
Just installed overwatch, won't run
SaltyPanda - Crash on launch
Overwatch not launching at all
Crash at startup. tried everything
Everytime i try to open overwatch My game crashes
Unable to start Overwatch All of a sudden
I cant start overwatch
DEPRESSED: Can't start OW
I cant start overwatch
Game Is Running Error
Cant load the game
I Can't Play The Game
The game crashes
Razer Synapse not allowing Overwatch to start
Overwatch does not start
I can't launch overwatch at all
Cant start overwatch?
Why does overwatch hate razer synapse?
It opens and closes please help
Random Mid-Game Crashing?
Can't launch the game
Game open and close
Overwatch wont launch
Overwatch wont launch
The game is not launching
Instant crash when opening overwatch - how to troubleshoot?
Screen flashing sideways
Overwatch not launching
Overwatch not launching
Ow black screens when I open it
Re-install OW now it crashes on launch
Overwatch Won't Open, Black Screen
Overwatch Wont Load Up
Black when starting the game
Launching game does nothing
Game won't start
Over watch black screen start up
Game not launching and play button pops up again
Game crashes on start
Game Crash on Startup
Overwatch Not Launching
Game doesn't launch
I cant play crashes when i start up
Unexpected error box
Can't Launch Game
Damn Ignoring every ticket I send, your game crashes on load!
Bruh crashing again
Black screen after buying the game
Newly got the game, Crash
Game crashes on startup
OW fails to launch after latest patch
Overwatch Crashes after hitting Play
Crashing again, sorry
Overwatch Black Screen and immediately closes
Patchamamma crashing on startup
Overwatch won't start
OW Starts, goes to a black screen, then crashes
Game crash on launch. Started today
The application encountered an unexpected error
Black screen then crash upon launch
Game crashing on launch
Game crashes at launch
I can't hear anyone when people speak
Overwatch Crash on startup
Overwatch won't launch since Windows update
Overwatch constant black screen
Overwatch Still Crashing On Launch
Overwatch crashing on startup, drivers updated/No SDK
Overwatch crashing on startup
Black Screen on Launch without even any Alt-Tabbing
Crash blzowcli00000004
My keyboard stops working randomly only in OW
DogWIllHunt - game not starting
Game keeps crashing
Overwatch crashes on launch, shows black screen then closes
Overwatch Says “Now Playing” but not loading
Crash on launch
OW crashes on pressing play
OW crashes on pressing play
Black screen-Can't fix 1yr later-need a MIRACLE
Crashes at launch
Overwatch black screen crash on launch
Overwatch Crash on start up
OW2 doesn't launch after pressing play
Crash after 1 sec
Black Screen on Launch without even any Alt-Tabbing
Game Closes Immediately After Start
[ PC ] Overwatch crashing upon launch
Razer Laptop stuck around 20 FPS
Possible fix for black screen/crashing
I have not been able to launch the game on pc
Moira - Mouse Issue
PC shutting down or restarting
Overwatch 2 Crashing on Launch
Game cant be opened/slow loading
Haven't been able to launch ow for a year still no help
Game keeps kicking me back to the home page and not starting up
Game crashes upon pushing play
Overwatch Crashes
Overwatch randomly closed
Razer Chroma Wierd error
Keyboard Randomly Stops
Overwatch opens then closes right away
Server issues East coast
[Necrodragon] crash at loading screen
Problem With the new update
Overwatch will refuse to boot
Unable to enter the game
Game Crashes Instantly
Whenever windows updates my overwatch goes pitch black
Unable to launch game
I haven’t been able to play ranked overwatch for 3 seaons
Crashing on load up
Overwatch not launching without giving me an error code as to why
OW Keeps crashing laptop
Random black screen mid game
New Patch - New Crash Before Loading Screen (DXDIAG INSIDE)
My game wont launch
Overwatch won't Launch on Windows 10
Launch Overwatch
Game unplayable due to insane FPS drops and lag
Computer hard crashing after playing for a few minutes
Overwatch Crashing while in queue
Can't launch the game...please help
Brand new PC build, constant crashing
Keep blue screening and getting errors
Big/long fps drop
Overwatch will refuse to boot
Connection issues
Black Screen at load up
Black Screen at load up
Overwatch and Synapse 3 Crash
Overwatch closes immediatly after launching
Greatly constant low fps
My game keep crashing on a black screen
Overwatch Crashing every day
Overwatch crashing
WTB Chroma SDK fix
Black screen after starting Overwatch
Game closes randomly, leaves no error message
Instant crash when launching game
Camera jumps half a screen to the top left every few seconds
Tracking issues
*crash* Rendering device has run out of memory, please close some windows or restart your computer and try again?
Game Constantly Crashes in QP, Arcade, Training room, etc
Overwatch instantly crashes upon launching
Low FPS on GTX 1070
Random freezes, need help
Why can't you keep your game from crashing?
Glitch where screen turns black?
Press play but game doesn't start
Razer Synapse allowed?
Problem launching overwatch
Screen going black everytime I try to launch
MasterRoshi - Rendering Device Lost
app crash to desktop
My Overwatch keep stuttering I am in dire need of help
Overwatch black screen
My game launches then black screens and crashes
Overwatch disconnects before, during, or plays
When will this bug be fixed?
Random DC's in Overwatch
Overwatch Crash
CTD after latest patch
Game Launches and then Immediately Closes
Overwatch won't launch with Razer Synapse Running
Overwatch Crashes on StartUp
Getting General Error 0xE0010160 Unplayable!
Game just won't launch
My fps suddenly dropped
Connection and blackscreen issues since monday
Frame Rate issue only when alive
Frame Drops/Borderline Freezes
Overwatch opens, then immediately closes
Overwatch Crashing at launch
Sound problems with footsteps/ults
Game wont open when i click play now
Plz help me computer nerds
Fern - Overwatch Fails to Launch
Overwatch won't lauch
Game won't start
Overwatch crashes on start
Instant Crash When Pressing Play
Mouse & Keyboard has noticeable input delay after PC wakes from sleep
Game crashes off of start to a black screen then back to my battle net app
I just downloaded overwatch last night and i get a quick black screen when i press play then it just closes
Getting General Error 0xE0010160 Unplayable!
Consistent error codes, even after changing GPUs and updating drivers/ BLZOWCLI00000004
Severe Issue When Alt-Tabbing from OW (Fixed)
Overwatch will not lauch
Getting General Error 0xE0010160 Unplayable!
Overwatch keeps crashing without error code
My game simply won't launch
Game Crash and can't launch
Overwatch Crash on startup
Game Black Screens and Crashes from Launcher - Tried uninstalling Drivers but no fix
Game Crashing on a regular base
Crash on Startup
Game quitting on start
Bsod dpc_watchdog_violation
Weird FPS Drops
Overwatch keeps crashing
Pulse - black screen when launching app/launcher goes straight to error
99-100% GPU Usage / FPS Drops on Starting Hero Select Screen and POTG
Ow crash black screen pc restart
Sudden constant FPS drop
Getting very regular crashes, could use some advice
Game still crashing at launch in 2019
Blackscreen While Launching Overwatch )DxDiag + MSInfo Included
Game crashes right after i lunch it
Overwacth don't start
Game wont launch
Chroma App not working correctly
Black Screen Crash, BOIs
Crashes on startup?
Overwatch will not stop crashing
Press play, Game launches, goes black, crashes
Getting very regular crashes, could use some advice
Games is suddenly running at 10 fps
JDKiersten - Game Is Running Error
Overwatch opens but then immediately closes
Overwatch Blackscreen then Crash
Stuttering/Choppy gameplay
Game instantly closes itself right after I launch it
Render Device / System Freeze - Anniversary Edition
The newest update may be messing with my fps
Crashing Mid Game with Ryzen 7 2700x CPU
Frame Rate drop only for overwatch
FPS Capped at 20-60
Black screen/crash on startup
Massive FPS drop since last patch
Game wont launch from my SSD
Overwatch minimizes randomly
Unusual FPS Drop
Game doesn't work on two computers
Game wont start
Screen goes black upon launching the game
Game keeps on crashing
Overwatch crash on startup
Performance issues
Very Low Unplayable Fps
Overwatch not launching
Unstable fps llast patch
Issues with Overwatch: Client not launching... Help?
Overwatch Not Launching
ZeRTtv - Black Screen Thread

Crashing on Systems with AMD Ryzen CPUs

We have seen reports of Overwatch crashing on computers with AMD Ryzen CPUs due to a bug with older BIOS versions on certain motherboards. To prevent this crashing on your Ryzen systems, please update the BIOS to the latest version using the files and procedures found on the motherboard manufacture’s website.

Once this is done, you should also update the chipset drivers for the card.

The BIOS and chipset drivers are the links between the hardware and the operating system. Updating to the latest software ensures users have the latest performance and stability enhancements for the platform.

Inconsistent FPS
Game Will Not Launch
Multiple Crashes - Different Scenarios
Frame rate drop makes game unplayable
Overwatch refund request
Amd problems and crashes since 18.2.2
Game crashing with a black screen on start up
Random game shutdown
Crashing in everygame
OW crashing on startup from battlenet app
Really Getting Tired of "Rendering Device Lost"
Overwatch constantly crashes mid game
Crashes, Freezes and Blue screens OH MY
OW Crashes, cites out of date BIOS in error message
About random crashes(Dxdiag and error file info)
GTX 1060 cant get over 30fps
Chipset Drivers Detected to be Older then Recommended
Crash in Graphics Drivers - RTX 2070
Fps drops lower than usual
Disappearing characters
Dropping half a second when fights start/in the middle of them
"Animation problems?"
Lower fps compared to earlier play dates
Overwatch Crash
Lag spike, Input jitter, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS!
Semi-Frequent Crashes
Black Screen Every Hour on the Hour
Game crashes just a few seconds into a match
Massive lag after 5-10 minutes of playing
Delayed or flat out ignored inputs
Constant low frame rate
Something is bottlenecking my computer!
Render device lost Radeon Vega 56
Overwatch crashing with report ID
0xC0000005 The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access
[Reposted from EU Forum] Consistent Freezing Upon Death during and after Killcam (With Video)
FPS Drop since busan
Rendering Device lost/ran out of memory
My Overwatch keep stuttering I am in dire need of help
Random DC's in Overwatch
Graphics card is up to date
Overwatch works fine in the practice range and custom games but not in quick play or comp
System crashes and audio dropouts with latest patch on PC
Terrible FPS, pretty good specs unusual
Still Crashing, Unknown Reason
Screen does not display anything but flickering
Crashing Mid Game with Ryzen 7 2700x CPU
Blizz, I will buy ten loot boxes if you fix my issue
Nothing New... But OW Keeps Crashing.. Ryzen 2700x
Mic not working in overwatch, fine everywhere else
Severe Frame skips in Overwatch on good PC
Computer crashes after windows update
Stuttering video with latest game update
Your rendering device has been lost
FPS drops and crashes
Game runs like a slideshow DXDiag info
Can't play a game. Please help
Game keeps crashing due to 'rendering device being lost'
Rendering device lost
Issues since upgrading hardware
The application encountered an unexpected error
Overwatch crashes whenever I make a game
Game Start and Crash
Error: Rendering Device Lost
Launch goes to black screen
Rendering Device Has been lost
Game freezing and crashing
Overwatch crashing - ryzen 3600, 2060 super
Constant fps drop
Why does overwatch hate razer synapse?
Constant crashes, Rendering device lost
Renderdevice lost will be for eternity in this game
Game keeps losing rendering device and crashing
Overwatch Crash on startup
Unplayable lag :( need help

Low FPS with Razer Chroma Software Installed

We have seen reports of dramatically lower than expected FPS with Razer Synapse/Chroma installed. Typically players will see their FPS stuck between 15-30 FPS while experiencing this issue. If you have your Chroma device, enable Chroma effects for Overwatch, or uninstall the Razer Synapse/Chroma software and reinstall the newest version of Synapse 3.

If you no longer have your Razer device, follow the steps for the Razer blackscreen issue.

Mad frame drops
Terrible FPS, pretty good specs unusual
Fps drop ingame
FPS in menu is fine but when in game it drops to 1-5 fps
Dropping frames constantly
Game only at 15 fps since the update
Frame Rate is 5-20 while playing
Cannot get more than about 110fps in game with a GTX 1080 (used to get near 300 solid)
Huge FPS drops with decent setup
FPS Locked at 30 then drops
Problem with FPS ingame
Crashmailer_64, mass fps drops, and 100% disk
Fps drop after anniversary event
FPS Drops in game
Sudden Freeze every few seconds
Razer Blade 15 2070 Max Q (240hz)
Micro disconnect or freezes?
[HELP] FPS Problems
Massive FPS drop
Imense lag on old settnigs.Lag after the update
Cannot play OW since recent update!
Very Low FPS Problem
Major frame loss only when playing
Severe Frame skips in Overwatch on good PC
EXTREME Frame drops when respawning and changing heroes
FPS Won't go above 25
Help with fps lag!
Major FPS drop?
Overwatch stuttering a lot
Low FPS on Overwatch only
FPS drops (DxDiag on pastebin)
Abnerd - FPS issues
FPS drops, sometimes outright freezes
FPS and Latency Issues Ever since new Patch (
Frames Drop after getting on the game
Lagging in game but not during kill cam
Extreme FPS drops make the game unplayable
Massive frame drops after patch
I have extremely low fps
Random FPS drop
Frames dropping in game
Crazy FPS drops 1080ti with low graphics setting
Gpu not being used by the game
Huge FPS loss after recent patch
Returning player met with 17 FPS
Performance issues
Low fps while playing (controlling character), normal fps everywhere else
FPS dropping a lot
Common Technical Issues and Solutions
Frame rate drops to 15-20FPS
Locked at 60 fps in-game but kill cams go higher than 144 fps
Super low fps, i can't play the game
Severe FPS Issues
Crashing when using Windows key/Alt+Tab since Ashe patch
I got banned 8 hr. because rendering device has been lost
Am i the only 1 experiencing random lag?
Random FPS drops 2019
Getting 0 GPU usage in Overwatch
My game wont go above 30 fps
Gpu usage at 0.1%/ gpu copy
FPS drops from high
Random Big FPS Drops
Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019
Random fps drops
Capped at 60fps GTX 970
Terrible Performance on Decent Machine
Framerate Loss and i dont know why?
FPS issues help please
Micro Stutters and Frame drops
Mjorgn crashing to desktop and freezing
Only FPS drops with overwatch
Low fps since new update
FPS drop after Havana update
Problems with crashing please help
Sudden constant crashes - unplayable
Overwatch minimizes randomly
Severe Frame skips in Overwatch on good PC
Unexplainable frame drops at high fps
Horrible fps with good pc, help!
Unstable FPS and stuttering
Recent FPS drops
Stuck under 30fps only for OW
My Overwatch keeps dropping frames
Minor lag while in-game
Frame dropping glitch PLEASE HELP
My fps stuck at like 18-20 and yet my settings is way more than that
Constant FPS Drops to 25 *SOLVED*
After the new anniversary update my fps fall down
Lagging while streaming
Game crashes randomly
Frame Rate Stutters and Freeze
Constant crashing while playing overwatch
FPS Drop happened just recently and seems unfixiable
FPS capped at 30
FPS drops only when alive
GPU Usage Extremely Low, FPS Very Low
Low fps with 2019 anniversary?
FPS issues in comp (repost)
Constant Frame Drops since May Patch
FPS very low for high end PC?
No more sound & repeated screen freezes
My FPS Is bad in game but perfect in kill cams
Help! Urgent! Low Temp and low FPS/ Overwatch Performance Capped / Limited
FPS being weird
Fps drop after latest patch
Framerate Drops after several fixes
Low FPS all of a sudden
Overwatch Frame Stutters
Insane Low FPS when in match
My PC is worth over 2000 Euro and I still have massive FPS drops in Overwatch
FPS goes up and down throughout the game
Game runs roughly when im alive in overwatch
Massive fps drop after recent update
Low fps while playing
Frames <30FPS only when playing
Strange fps drop in game on good pc
Extreme frame drop after June 20 patch
Constant FPS drops recently started
Low fps with rtx 2080
~30 FPS on a GTX 1060 GB
After updating my PC OverWatch becomes unplayable
Frames dropping hard then coming back
Punisher's Low FPS Thread
FPS drops from time to time since the last patch
FPS Capped at 30 and crashes
FPS = High in Menu/Hero select (~180-200), Low In-game (~10-15)
Overwatch using CPU and no GPU
Overwatch Crashing / FPS issues
High FPS feels like low FPS
Game stuck at 21-23 fps after windows update
Super computer with fps drops
Regular heavy FPS drops
FPS Dropped From 150+ to 10
FPS sudden constant drop?
150+ fps to 20 this has never happened before PLEASE HELP
150+ fps to 20 this has never happened before PLEASE HELP
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Laptop cant run overwatch?
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FPS stuck below 30 since last update on 29th Apr
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Windows 10 Displaying 0% GPU Usage

In the latest few builds of Windows 10, there is a display bug which causes Overwatch to display as using 0% of your dedicated GPU. In the majority of cases, the GPU is being used correctly, and this is simply a display issue.

If you are using a desktop PC, ensure that your monitor is plugged into the correct graphics card. For the majority of PCs, your dedicated GPU will be about midway down the tower. The ports near the top of the PC will usually connect to your motherboard/CPU graphics card, and will result in worse performance. If you need help identifying which ports are the correct ones for your PC, look up the model online.

To check to make sure your GPU is being used correctly, we recommend using HWMonitor. If you use this utility while playing, you should see that your dedicated GPU is being used by checking the “Max” column after playing.

If you are having performance issues, crashes, etc, which make you worry your GPU is not working correctly, check out our troubleshooting resources.

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“Rendering Device Lost!” with RTX Graphics Cards

There was previously a semi-common problem with RTX graphics cards receiving this error message, however the issue has since been resolved with the latest Nvidia Geforce drivers. Before troubleshooting your individual Rendering Device Lost error, try updating your drivers as mentioned in this post.

If updating the drivers does not fix your issue, then the problem is unrelated to the previous bug between RTX cards and Overwatch. Please feel free to use the rest of the troubleshooting steps on this article for more help. Keep in mind that not all RTX users will have this problem and there are multiple causes for the Rendering Device Lost error.

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Crashing on PS4 with error CE-34878

We’re currently investigating causes of this crash. If you are receiving this error, please contribute to this thread. While we investigate the cause, you may also check Sony’s support article on this error.

Voice chat doesn’t work on University or Business network

If you find that you have this problem only on a university or business network, please have the network admin contact support for whitelist information. They’ll need to speak with one of our technical specialists to get this information. We’ve seen situations where some corporate/university routers classify our Voice over IP (VOIP) traffic as Peer to Peer (P2P) over SIP which gets blocked on many networks for various reasons. One of the most common ones is to prevent piracy on the network. (If these acronyms don’t make sense to you, your network admin should be able to make sense of them.)

Please keep in mind that this is only for business/university class routers. You shouldn’t need to do this on a home router (and in many cases you cannot.)

Crashing on Systems with AMD FX or Phenom chipsets and Avast or AVG Installed
There has been a number of reports of where Avast and AVG installed for those with FX series or Phenom processors on the system have been crashing in Overwatch. To workaround the issue, the following has been found to help:

  • Uninstalling Avast or AVG using the uninstall tool from Avast or AVG
  • Some reports have had success with disabling all Avast Shields.

Note: We have seen that adding exceptions or exclusions for Overwatch does not workaround this issue.

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PVE Event Disconnections on Netgear Routers

We’ve received a number of reports of issues connecting to our PVE events from users on Netgear Routers. Note: This post is concerning disconnections which are experienced ONLY in PVE events. If you have disconnections elsewhere, or do not have a Netgear router please start your own thread, as this would not be the same problem.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Update the firmware for your netgear router - this is available on
  2. Update the drivers for all your network cards.
  3. Follow the steps outlined in this forum post, transcribed below

If you still have issues after this, please create your own forum topic with the details or contact support.