21ms but feel laggy

I made a post here the other day about how i feel laggy though it says i have low ping, i posted my tests as i got told to do and “found” out that apparently its my internet providers fault though NO other game lags its only recently started happening on overwatch i play r6s fortnite apex and csgo and honestly have no issues at all is anyone else experiencing this recently? And no i wont post my results again to be told its my providers fault cause ive searched the forums and that seems to be your way of pushing a problem aside, not to mention the terrible fps drops this game has recently but i guess that is another topic.


That’s because the test clearly demonstrated a lag issue on your ISP’s network. Each game you connect to is going to use a different route because they aren’t all hosted in the same building. Your ISP has an issue on this route in particular, and as I mentioned before, this is a common problem for Telstra.

I’m not sure why no one wants to believe that their ISP could be at fault; but to be clear: I don’t work at Blizzard and have no monetary interest in defending them. I gave you honest advice about the test you posted. If your ISP doesn’t address it, the issue will continue.

im not believing it because its literally only overwatch i truly cannot get faster internet or more stable it is a brand new house with the highest internet package there is in my area, 105mbps download 45mpbs upload 6 ping and it’s my end?

Internet speed and ping to other services are unrelated to the single route your ISP is using to reach Blizzard (explained here by the staff). You don’t use the same route to reach Overwatch that you use for Fortnite. And you don’t use the same route for Fortnite that you use for Apex. If you were having this problem with only Fortnite, you’d likely guess that it was their fault, but the WinMTR test confirmed where the issue is happening – within your ISP’s peering network.

Feel free to open a ticket with Blizzard’s staff members to confirm my findings, but I have no reason to lead you in the wrong direction as a forum volunteer.