Overwatch Crashing my Wifi

Whenever I try and log onto Overwatch from the Battle net launcher, my internet goes out. This isn’t just my internet but the whole wifi driver on my computer stops registering any networks (I live in a building where I can see ~100 networks) and I can no longer see any other networks. I have tried multiple times to launch the game but in the game’s sign-in screen I always lose connection. I was hoping someone had some advice on how to fix this.

What I’ve tried:

I’ve launched World of Warcraft, it loads fine.
I’ve checked for driver updates for my wifi driver.
I’ve reset my modem.

I’ve tried reinstalling Overwatch
I’ve made Overwatch an exception to my firewall

Also, to note, the wifi goes out when I am on the “Entering Game” stage of login.

There are a few other steps you might try in the sticky thread about this issue Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #25 by Drakuloth

Let us know how it goes.