Network Disappears and Reappears when playing Overwatch

My current network Frontier8608_5G occasionally disappears and reappears whenever I play Overwatch for unknown reasons. Maybe because of stability issues.

To clarify, is the connection to the internet being lost while playing, causing you to also disconnect from the game? If so, you’ll want to check out the pinned thread covering this issue:

Yes. because my current Lenovo Thinkpad T430 laptop may have an out of date WIFI Adapter.

I sense some sarcasm, but that’s not going to help resolve this. Completing troubleshooting steps is necessary to narrow down the problem. Doing those steps is up to you.

Sometimes Thinkpads overheat because they mostly rely on passive cooling (few or zero fans), which isn’t ideal for gaming.

I am not sarcastic because this is a serious situation with the networks on my current computer disappearing and reappearing which disrupts my gaming.

I’ve provided the troubleshooting available for this situation above.

Also, sometimes, the Google Nest Wifi Wi-Five may be unstable and I disconnect from the game without warning.

Howdy Atsang4279,

Wifi connections can be unstable so we would suggest testing with a wired connection.

What are the primary reasons why WIFI connections become unstable?

Since you are havivng problems with multiple WiFi networks, you may be experiencing Wifi interference which is a common problem and you can read about that here. Otherwise, there could be a hardware issue, such as with the wifi adapter. These issues aren’t something we can support though, so it would be best to test the connection using an ethernet cable which can help you isolate the problem.

My WIFI Adapter is Intel ® Centrino ® Advanced-N 6205 and it may crash more often whenever I play Overwatch.