Server kicks me out frequently

the server is so broken i just wanna punch something so [removed - language] hard , i got 2 times in A WEEK disconnected out of game and they were mid match so i joined, 10mins ago i got disconnected at the start of the game i got the same server kick and coudnt join in 10 SECONDS, how the [removed - language] are you guys a triple a studio and this [removed - language] is E-SPORTS READY, fix it for [removed - language] sake

fix yer internet dood

Hey there,

While we are happy to help you troubleshoot an issue with connection, and understand that it’s annoying to disconnect when you just want to play the game and enjoy your down time, these forums do have a terms of use that bans vulgarity. I’ve modified your post to be more in line with the terms of use.

If you find that you’re disconnecting from the game this regularly, then I highly recommend that you check out this post for connection troubleshooting resources, including the FAQ if you want more information on how connection issues happen and why we suggest the things we do.

If you’re still having this problem, please create a WinMTR test which catches a disconnection. You want to restart the test every 10-15 minutes until you catch one of these problems. Once you’ve caught one red handed, run the test for about 5 more minutes. I’m locking this post to prevent it from getting more out of hand, but feel free to post a new one. This will let us look for problems between your house and our servers which may cause this.

If you have problems with posting it due to a link error, go ahead and copy paste this into your next post, and replace “WinMTR goes here” with your test.

WinMTR goes here