Unfair suspension?

Lately i’m encoutering some trouble with the overwatch client and it has led me to (in my opinion) an unfair suspension:

Basically, while im in queue for a ranked game (or any type of game) i alt+tab and watch some videos in yt or smth until i hear the sound of the start of the game, and usually i have no problems at all.

But lately it looks like my client is glitching when i alt+tab and all the buttons disapear and although i can even hear how im entering a game the visuals of the client remain bugged. The only way i could fix it was by restarting the game.

The real trouble comes when i find out that due to my restarts the overwatch servers detect that im “going afk” and is punishing me as if i were (right now i have a 30 minutes suspension for “going afk” and it really sucks. Not to mention that it detects the game as a loss and i loose some valuble SR).

Thank you for your attention and if anyone can help me i would really apreciate it.

P.D.: Im new to the “forum” type so i basically wrote this as if it was a relaxed email, i hope it meets the minimum of decorum expected.

While the suspension will stick, and does follow their posted guidelines of when to suspend people, I understand this is really frustrating. It sounds like you’re having a local computer problem where your Windows OS is losing the ability to reopen the client correctly once minimized. This might be caused by:

  • Faulty RAM
  • Faulty hard drive/page file issue
  • Faulty GPU
  • Malware
  • An overlay taking over the Window focus

The best advice I can provide is to look in the Windows Event Viewer and see what happened to Overwatch. exe on the days/nights you experienced this, and report back. It would also be helpful if you post a dxdiag whenever you start a new thread in tech support after trying the steps from the support docs.

Support docs here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions

How to get your DxDiag here: Blizzard Support - Obtaining System Files
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