Can't hear teammates through my headphones

I can hear the game and everything within the game just fine on my Airpods even talking to them works, but for some reason I can only hear them through my computer speakers and I can’t hear them through my Airpods. When getting on a Discord call with a friend I could hear and talk to them just fine on my Airpods. Changing the settings on the game doesn’t seem to make a difference and when hovering over the default device for some reason no output device is detected by the game, though on other apps they are.

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Are you on console or pc?

Were you using the airpods for voice chat previously? Bluetooth doesn’t have enough audio channels for Overwatch sound + voice together usually.

With this being airpods and bluetooth, it’s likely the mode that it’s currently set to. Our post here goes through bluetooth audio and voice chat in-depth over here:

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That may just be your console, because if your on pc i dont know what to tell you. i dont think launch edition of ps4 or xbox one had bluetooth on it.

On pc it was working just fine until one day.

Id get it checked by a professional. I cannot provide info with bluetooth, because I specialize in graphics and art design, so thats my advice. I think your bluetooth settings could be messed up. But with your airpods, do they connect to your phone well?

Yeah the airpods were working just fine I realized I was using my internal mic but i could hear my teamates and the game through the pods and now its split. And to Metallica yeah I have the XR and it works just fine and doesn’t connect with much trouble.