Ping Issue and Rubber Banding

So the past two days my OW ping has changed by about 20-40ms. It usually sits around 40-ish ms. Not sure if its a ping issue or what. Sometimes I will use abilities and the animation with show but then disappear and be off CD, shots are not registering and at times I’m rubber banding over the map. Here is a small example of shots not registering that I was able to capture. I have tried re-installing and repairing nothing has helped. This is the only game where I am experiencing these issues

We will need more info to diagnose this issue for you. Please post a WinMTR as a reply.

As to why this only happens in Blizz games for you, more info here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #23 by Drakuloth


| WinMTR statistics |

| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


| Fios_Quantum_Gateway.fios-router.home - 4 | 363 | 352 | 0 | 57 | 373 | 6 |

| - 5 | 346 | 331 | 2 | 57 | 379 | 3 |


WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

The test you performed didn’t seem to leave your home, and it’s also showing 4% packet loss and a high response time of 373ms. Since this is equipment rented from your ISP, you’ll want to get with them to address this issue.

Is there something that could’ve caused this? I have never had an issue with this game before.

Hey Drippz,

If you’re using a wireless connection to your router it’s very possible that a new source of wireless interference has shown up which is causing your connection to drop packets.

In your video on the left side of the screen you can see the yellow symbol showing up indicating packet loss, and even though the WinMTR doesn’t show us the whole path it does show us that the problem starts between your PC and router.

If you’re using wifi perhaps try switching between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network if your router supports both of them. Sometimes one can experience less interference than the other. If you’re not sure I’d recommend contacting your internet provider to have them help.

Switching to 5G fixed the issue, thanks!