Launching issue need assistance

So I can’t Launch when I’m on american servers but Europe and Asia I can Launch.
It connects to the game server then says it’s entering and after it’s on entering for maybe about 2 to 5 seconds it says it’s lost connection to server and brings of the logon box and I can’t type in it. This has been going on for about three days I figured it was nothing but the problem still exists. I’ve updated restarted to see if some service was preventing me from playing but to no avail. Pleas help me blizzard I want to play video games.

im having the same issue. I just built a new computer. I’m having issues getting into the game now.

Make sure to review common issues here: Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #26 by Drakuloth

And if nothing helps, please start a new thread with a copy of your dxdiag, and don’t necro a 8-month-old thread :skull: