Lag with low ping


Recently I’ve been having an issue where I will get a lag in game, where it feels like there’s an extreme quick, jerk movement and then it’ll stop. It happens about every 10-15 seconds. However, I have no spike in ping at all during any of the episodes, and I’ve watched the latency tracker not move a single number, it stays below 55 ms. My frame rate doesn’t drop either, staying about 120 fps. My system also sits comfortably at ~68C, and I run the game at high settings even though it’s possible for me to run it at ultra. I am on a wired Ethernet connection. I’ve never had this issue before, and haven’t noticed any issues with Blizzards servers in my region. Not sure what to do/where to start with this.

The 55ms is your average over a period of time, not your current ping. So I’d still check out the connection tests they suggest in the stickies. Run a WinMTR and get back to us. Common Technical Issues and Solutions

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I’m not OP, but I am seeing the same thing. Characters are jumping across the map with sub-70ms latency. Didn’t start happening until today’s patch.

Ran a pathping and got no packet loss. Tracert is good, all sub-70ms. Used WinMTR and also got no loss. Tried on multiple IPs based on multiple games. FPS at 60.

But how were your response times? Anything above 200?