Overwatch disconnects my internet

For about three days straight, I have been randomly disconnected from my matches after it shows the red icon flashing and it throws me back into the menu or asks me to login again. It always starts with Overwatch, then after half a minute I get disconnected from Discord and then everything else. This only happens when playing Overwatch, any other online game I play works fine. After a minute or two I regain my internet connection. I called my ISP and they told me that there isn’t anything weird going on with my connection.

I ran a WinMTR test: pastebin(dot)com/jyc9hSdg

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the mobile broadband version of Versatel? If so, it’s unlikely to be reliable enough to support Overwatch and doesn’t meet the system requirements.

If this is the landline version of Versatel, please follow the steps the staff provided for this issue in the pinned threads:

Hey Nicole,

I’m connected trough an Ethernet cable. My drivers are up to date. Already tried power cycling and bypassing a router isn’t an option. Are there no other possible solutions to this problem?

Okay, but are you using a mobile data router/hotspot or a landline cable version?

And no, not to my knowledge. The game client itself can’t issue commands to shut down your internet, so it’s likely one of the things they mentioned in the steps causing the issue, or the connection can’t support the game (mobile data).

It’s landline. I’ll try giving my ISP another call.