Error crashes game

Game Crashes randomly, I can play 10 games or none but at one point in time will crash giving me this error code



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I’m crashing randomly as well.Tbh I have no idea what’s going on-there might be a problem w the servers

Please review the stickies in this forum so we have starting place for troubleshooting.

Dear lord dont send me to read. Nothing of those is my case. I’ve already tried everything

Staff can see your crash reports, so if you’re looking for that information, you’d need to contact them directly through a ticket. Otherwise, you haven’t provided enough details to diagnose your issue, and we don’t know what “everything” means to you, so we have no place to really start.

Ok, will do then, dunno was that way

My game will crash too after several hours of play, I don’t play competitive though so I don’t get penalized. I don’t have a RXT GPU but I do have a Strix 1080TI. I don’t see any error message on screen but there is something in Event viewer which indicates some sort of time out (TDR). The game is just frozen, no render device lost error.

I followed the trouble shooting guide but nothing fixes it, I am not overclocking, and temps are no higher than 60c on the GPU and 45c on the CPU

Asus Maximus X Code (motherboard)
CPU is I7 8700K
32 GB DDR4 Ram.
ROG STRIX GTX-1080TI (3 fans)
m.2 ssd for os and Overwatch game.

CPU Cooler is Cooler Master liquid AIO 360mm.