High ping at the start of every game and randomly throughout is what causes new lag from ashe update

As stated in title, random high ping at the start of every game and randomly throughout is what causes new lag I stated in my other post, that came with the ashe update. For some reason, my ping spikes and then my fps lowers down to 8 every time. During hero select just after the map loading screen, I normally get high ping but no obvious lag, it goes away after a second. But now, I get lag with every spike and the high ping during the hero select lasts until the doors of the spawn room open, maybe even longer.

Any help would be appreciated, I haven’t been playing OW that much lately because it’s unplayable with the fps fluctuating every 30s due to ping or whatever. I also have to mention that the mid match highping+lag I get now never happened before the update

having the same issue since the ashe update, fps drop that make the game unplayebale


Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information to work with to give you an answer about what’s causing this in particular. I know there are other reports of issues since the patch, but I think it’s just coincidence because the patch improved the game for others. What troubleshooting steps have you tried? Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #26 by Drakuloth

Same here, since ashe’s patch my ping has been increased a bit, but the last 2 days overwatch says i have 160 LOL but the gameplay is as smooth as when i played with my usual 75, no idea if this is a visual bug or what.

It’s Ashe. Lots of people have this problem, and it’s been since the Ashe update.

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same here. Lots of issues with 3000ms ping, but as always, Blizzard is a dying company and will only waste the time to say “Have you tried troubleshooting? Let us see your traceroute so we can tell you we can’t do anything about it”

Asking to see tracert is about as usefull as telling sombody to unplug their modem, then plug it back in. Garbage.