Lose Connection to game server

I lose connection to game server randomly when playing Overwatch.

My latency is fine, it stays around 70 ms when playing, there is no reason why this should be happening.

It started happening when patch 1.29 was released.

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Please carefully read over the thread the staff has written addressing this type of problem: Common Technical Issues and Solutions

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I sometimes find it troubling when my latency and ping are fine but then i lose connection to a game. I recently lost connection to a game and i was then suspended and my endorsement level dropped. Of course it is completely out of my control, however I think it would be cool if players didn’t get penalized for something they didn’t do. Maybe only penalize someone if they actually click the leave button. I hope y’all can understand my struggle.


nicole ur not staff…


Actually, in most cases I’ve assisted with on the forums, it is the player’s computer or ISP causing the issues. Keep in mind what seems like a similar problem may not be the same as your own issue. Are you both connecting to SEA servers? If you search the forum for SEA, you’ll see staff has already responded to this issue. If not, it’s likely something else. In order to troubleshoot, you have to do troubleshooting steps. Blindly blaming the game because you believe nothing has changed on your PC or ISP is not a method for finding a solution. I would also appreciate it if you would curtail your animosity towards someone trying to help you.

I did read what the OP said, and they didn’t include any of the other information that is needed to help troubleshoot their issue. What probably happened is that their ISP changed the route they use for connecting to Blizzard. But it could also be their drivers. And it could also be their line coming into the house. And it could be so many things. Asking someone to read the thread and provide that information is not a crazy request.

Please follow the Code of Conduct if you want to interact further and refrain from toxicity.

nicole i dont think ur the one he wants trouble shooting the issue. hes just seeing if anyone has a solution he doesn’t want some wannabe mod telling him to read a bunch of links of obvious junk that isnt the case 99% of the time damn u come off so condescending and entitled.

it isnt ur duty to tell people to read the code of conduct if they want to “interact further”


Not including any information for anyone to troubleshoot is like calling the fire department to tell them there is a fire “somewhere.” How are they supposed to know where to go to put it out? There aren’t thousands of people blaming that patch for an issue, so maybe it’s something else? :thinking:

Everyone should be treated with respect, that is NOT too much to ask. Staff doesn’t read or respond to all threads here, so I decided to help. If offense is taken because I posted links that Blizzard wants you to read before you even make a post, be offended I guess. Good luck!

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll do so here. I was playing a game of competitive on PS4 while connected through LAN cable and I somehow lagged out. I’m upset that while trying to load back into the game I got text saying “Failed to connect to server.” Then I lost endorsement level. I would like to have my level restored because it was not my decision to leave nor to stay out of the game.


Ya same here man I’m in comp with perfect internet and then i get disconnected and lose my sr, now i can even log onto the game and i’m losing a lot more sr because of decay. they only care about pc, :confused:

This does not help at all, I did all of the steps in here and theres still a problem.

Hey ShadowStorm,

Please do not necro old threads. If you are experiencing a problem, it’s best to create a new thread for your issue and include a WinMTR test. In the mean time, avoid playing competitive matches as we are not able to restore lost rating due to disconnects.