Bluetooth headphones voice chat issues

I use bluetooth headphones. And sometimes voicechat is played either on other sound device or not played at all.

Steps to reproduce:
Launch Overwatch
Get into a game
Connect Bluetooth headphones

Expected behaviour:
Voice chat will be played on headphones

Actual behaviour:
Voice chat is not played

Restart Overwatch.
There’s a chance you won’t hear your teammates in current match, but you should be able to hear them in the next game.

This is so annoying. I’ve seen other threads on this forum about this issue and I’ve heard about it from players in the game. I hope the team will add it to a bugtracker. This will make my experince much less painful.

If you need any additional info about this issue, feel free to ask. Thanks

Bluetooth does not work correctly with Overwatch because it is designed for telephone audio. More details/workarounds from the staff on this link:

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Thanks for the reply.
I’ve read all the information in the post, but seems like the issue is not related to bluetooth profiles.

I use A2DP ( Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and external wired microphone. It allows me to clearly hear in-game sounds, hear my teammates and allows my teammates to hear me.

Unless I connect headphones when the game is launched. In this case I’m able to hear in-game sounds clearly (A2DP profile is used) and my teammates can hear me but I can’t hear my teammates.

I forgot to mention that other apps and games work without issues with in my scenario: Apex Legends, Discord and Streamlabs OBS. Overwatch is the only game I have issue with.

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i’ve noticed same issue man
just when my headphones run off charge and I connect another pair - I can’t hear voice chat, so I need to relaunch game for fixing it
have you found any other solution for that?

Sadly no, I restart the game every time I connect my headphones. It’s so annoying

OW “high fidelity gaming audio” + OW voice chat -> mutes its own ingame sound.
OW “high fidelity gaming audio” + Discord voice chat -> works perfectly.
It also works if I pick my headphones but a low-quality device one in OW sound settings. Why can’t it use low-quality sound for voice chat and high-quality for in-game sounds?
I mean in the code, what is the issue?
It doesn’t sound unreal, more like Blizzard decied that it’s not a high priority task.